The Federal Empire - The American Dream (Acoustic Version)

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Blackheart MVs
OH BOI\nI will so make a video with this song, I hope you'll like it
Cristian Mejía
Seriously guys! You deserve fill every stadium around the world. You guys are amazing!!!! Incredible work!!! Congratulations
Daniel Mendoza
Good band. But dragging the flag on the ground. Maybe that's just me but that killed it for me. Sorry.
Dat one boi
this song is just my favorite, too good. congrats
Denon Atika
Anyone here from the resident?
Amazing. Better video than the others. Will you come to spain?
Jeez Acoustic versions are always soo good !!! :D
Game Rush 2004
The resident?
Izzy Kessler
Does your music just have the strange side effect of getting better with every single acoustic version you release? Because this is superb!
Play this in L.A. and see how that goes haha
Just Me
Anyone know the chords? (Maybe also for the ukulele)
Kristofer Hanson
Still my favorite song this year...Lasting Liberty🗽🗽 for all !!
Marc Canigiula
Great show in San Luis Obispo last night. Hope to seen you soon again.
Why didn't this blow up? You all did a good ass job
Ondřej Hoša
One word. Amazing. Are you going to tour around Europe? Love you guys, keep it up!
Riley Graham
I'm early! love your music!!💟
Said Barros
Love this song!
Stephanie Binuya
The Resident
Urfr13nd Music
I love this song. It's so true tho, which is kinda depressing.
Vitória Alvess
The Resident 💜
Yolobro 360
This song is so good and simple
Zaida Haagenbusch
This deserves more views.
My fav song, yay!
dung luong
This is my favourite so far, all of the songs is nice af
wow.....who's the girl?
Beginning reminds Tom Petty's - Mary Jane's Last Dance
text where? please tell me.
ponchowhite towhite
My favorite song 💪✋
YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Keep it up! Greetings from Poland!
Канал Strawmonster
Nice music guys! \u003c3
I waiting 7years. Nice chad!