I'm DONE with the Left. My #WalkAway Story

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Asian Americans tend to be the quiet when discussing these issues openly, I have yet to see another one who feels the same way. Let me know what you guys think!Join my Discord server for an open discussion:

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At approx. 4:50 you said that the original KKK were all Democrats; this is not exactly true. There have been three incarnations of the KKK and all of them have come from the Democrat party. The first two waves were openly embraced by the Democrats, the third wave started with an open embrace which later became more covert. Even David Duke was a Democrat when he was a Grand Wizard of the KKK. He left the Democrats and the KKK at the same time, became a populist, then became Reform, then declared himself a Republican - and the Republicans rejected him. Now, Louisiana election law did not allow the Republicans to prevent him from running as a Republican because Louisiana has no primaries, just need the right number of signatures and you are on the ballot, so what did the Republicans do? They voted for the Democrat crook that they were trying to oust lest there be enough KKK supporters to put Duke into office as a Republican against the wishes of the party.
Aleksandra Szejnoga
I walked away around age of 22. Never looked back.
Alpha Croatia
It's not walking away - becoming conservative... it's TURNING RIGHT
Andy Kench
Welcoem to the real world. It's a shame so many people need to wait for somethign to become 'a thing' or 'a movement' before they will jump on board but let's just be glad it's happening and discourage these folks from jumping on right or libitarian band-wagons in place of their SJW one.
Angé Y
I walked away a few months ago....I'm a happier person now, not as angry. Got a grasp of reality
Ann777 Today
I think you are an intelligent young man with a bright future. That is what I think. So many people never have the nerve to face the opposing view point or the humility to examine it honestly, not to mention the integrity to say they have changed their stance in light of facts. Subscribed.
Anna Allen
I was a socialist when I was young also, but thank God I got woke real quick. By the time I was 20, I not only walked away, but never looked back.
Another Virgo Asshole
Congrats on your awakening.
Artem Protectron
Lovely to see a fellow Asian male being able to call out the bullshit of the social justice far left and give us normal, rational people a voice out there... because they will constantly try to silence us because we won't peddle their victim narrative.
Billy Nguyen
My entire family is liberal. I am not. They all voted for hillary. I voted for trump. My sister was.mad whe. I told her I voted for trump but thankfully she got over it fast.
Brad Chang
Home run! I agree 100%!
Brandy Prather
Okay, now I'm subscribed. So far I really like your videos, keep em goin
Celeste Sylvia
Nice to hear that you're listening to the intellectual dark web.
Christian Freedom
We need to do a better job of preparing our children for the radical brainwashing they will experience from communist professors who preach communism and socialism instead of covering the material. They need to know that these anti-American plants will be at most universities and to see them for the traitors that they are.
Cosmic Queen
the way the left has been acting since Trump won is all the proof you need to abandon them, all they got is hate politics and name calling...never any solutions to the many problems our country faces all they do is lie and spread division. that's embarrassing and its also evil
Cristian Stancu
Facts over feelings. Our feelings can fool us sometimes, leading to wrong opinions and decisions.
David Thornton
Individualism, self responsibility, non-aggression, self defense, mutual respect
Donald Trump
Age brings wisdom, as you get older and wiser your views slowly change over time and you hunger for more knowledge and research things for yourself as opposed to just taking what people say at face value. Us moving forward as a nation and as citizens and stewards of our planet, is going to take us finding some common ground and a way to move forward. With the current environment and mentality of the left, that will not happen anytime soon. I hope they will see this at some point and change their ways. It is not healthy for us to be so divided.
Douglas Rogalla
thanks for sharing + walking away; our country is too good to let it be destroyed; share your message to help others come closer to the truth
E3 UnderGround
It is a trend in asian to leave the liberal mindset behind once they are done with college, especially if their career path is in the stem field. We (as a general culture) tends to be taken care of by our parents and all the way through college so most do not understand the importance and value of working for what you have when it comes to monetary wise. Only once you are in a work force where it is competitive and and values skills and attributes over feelings that you finally stop thinking that advocating (not even doing) some feel good policies makes you right.\nThis happens to many of the fiends i had back home in norcal, the ones going to universities right away always have their phase where they think free college is a good idea, there is such thing as white privilege, there is such thing as a pay gap, and capitalism is evil changes. They almost instantly cease those rhetorics once they have to find a job and support themselves.
Eddie Davis Jr
This is EXACTLY how ive felt, all ive heard all my life was F*** republicans because my dad was very democratic and liberal but after listening openly to some different people (including Ben Shapiro, Milo, Steven Crowder, etc) my mind expanded even more and what I discovered was there is a \
Eddie Oakes
Good stuff. I walked away myself and I feel such kinship with other Americans who've reached the same conclusion. You're awesome! Simply put, The lies, false finger pointing, slandering and negativity is just to heavy a burden to bear! The only way we will change the world for the better is with love and compassion.
Emily Cali
I am a conservative righteous woman 🇵🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇵🇷🇵🇷
Erik Aldás
From my point of view, the mainstream Democratic party doesn't have the aims a leftist party should have. Sure, gender equality and racism are problems that need to be tackled; however, the single most important aim of any leftist party is to advocate for worker's rights (which I see that the Republican party cares more about) since if that problem is tackled, racism and gender equality will be issued as well. In general I find that the political spectrum of the US is pretty messed up, and that there is not a true leftist party to fight all the problematics the country is facing. Maybe it's because I'm Latin American, and that we have a very different conception of left here (perhaps a more radical one) but not even Democratic radicals such as Bernie Sanders totally convince me. I disagree with most of the SJW movement as well as abortion; however, since Latin American left paries don't necessarily focus on these topics, I don't see it to relevant as an argument in order to leave the left.
Fable Wolfe
It's always nice to see other people waking up and seeing this social justice absurdity for what it is.
Flyin' Ryan RC
It's reassuring to know that critical thinkers are breaking the indoctrination that colleges are trying to fill your mind with. This gives more intelligence to the opposition of leftism. Real ACTUAL liberals are leaving the leftist democrat party, as it moves further and further left. And keep in mind that there is libertarianism, not just conservatism, and that is a lot more like the classic liberalism that you may have formerly identified with. Anyway, welcome to the liberty movement. :)
Galactic Snufferpuss
You are becoming one of my favorite channels!
Greg Arthur
check out the big brains on Zach
Lmao more Asians needs to wake up like you bro
Helene Staley
You are saying exactly what needs to be said. I feel exactly as you do, and I thank God you make the videos you do.
Zach, you should check out Mark Dice here on youtube.
J Henderson
cultural marxism has pushed the left off the cliff....they want to keep minorities thinking that they are nothing but victims
J Stenberg
As I got older, I got more liberal until I was full independent. then the left went bat shit crazy....logic and facts somehow became evil to them. Pushed me way right. I walked away.
JJ Charger
Zach - you are so well spoken. IDK what your college major was but I think you would do well in Journalism or Politics. Those are two areas that could really use someone with the unique skill set that you've displayed in the two videos I've seen (the other being the white privilege video).
Jack Kemp
Right on bro.
Jenny Wu
I'm a Chinese-American and you have good points.
John Lewis
Education eliminates ignorance.\nCongratulations, Zach.\nWelcome to truth.\nBe safe in your journeys.
John Smith
Welcome to the right side of history, but don't worry we're still liberals we just need to boot out the socialists & extremists and that's what's the kekistan army is here to do (they're out allies)
The left is Very Afraid of the WalkAway March on October 26th - 28th, 2018. If you can't make it to Washington DC do something enjoyable and friendly in public around your neighborhood displaying the WalkAway hashtag.
I wouldn’t say I left the left entirely, but I’m more center than ever . I used to be left on everything and I was also under the impression that equal distribution was a good idea, mostly because real smart guys like Noam Chomsky supported it. But I learned that someone can be an encyclopedia of political facts like Chomsky and be a super genius and still believe in some crazy shit. People preach socialism because they want to stand on a moral high ground and seem ethically superior because they want equality. I’m convinced it’s an act. So I walked away from the far left, but I’m still on board with environmentalism, and gay marriage. But I think everyone should have guns, free speech is our number one right, and abortion can go either way. I’m pro military but not pro imperialism if that makes sense. I guess I’m a libertarian , but I hate socialism and Marxism in general to the core.
Jon Cross
Your not alone buddy voted Obama twice and now a Trump supporter.
Jose Castaneda
The irony, I left the left around the same time lol. Only, I didn’t do my research because I wanted to, but because it was asked of us by my government teacher in my senior year. Glad I was able to leave the left.
Joseph Lee
I was a proud left. But now I walked away from the left. The left is hijacked by people like Soros and the real liberals are silenced. I am not too crazy about the right or the Republicans but Left is no better.
Js Dallasguy
Zack, you are smart, fact-based, eloquent and handsome.
Justmystyle 51
you hit the nail on the head. I'm glad you did your own research.
K Nelson
Good for you man. You're thinking for yourself now.
Kellie R
I applaud you for \
Laura Yale
An open mind and educating oneself is all that conservatives ask.
Most racist people are liberals! they always play identity politics to get votes!
Lingua Veritatis
Take a look into why all this is happening. You'll see the the rabbit holes are really deep.
Livid Imp
Yes, leave the SJWs behind, but if you've hit Ben Shapiro, you've gone too far in the other direction. Politics is not a binary, there is nothing wrong with the center. Better yet, there is a lot on the left that is still worthy of support. Don't let SJWs dictate what a liberal is, because they are *not* liberals, they are just leftwing authoritarians (US liberals have always been closer to leftwing libertarians.) The US rightwing is even more dishonest and destructive than SJWs are, and I can hear you've picked up some of their propaganda.
Welcome bud, so glad you \
Welcome to the right side, my brother!
Marc D
Truth... The new hate-speech
It’s a win win situation right he knows!
Mark Hallenberg
Ring that bell of truth Zach! Facts trump feelings.
Matt J
People need to question everything. That's the issue today. Nobody is bold enough to stand up. For good reason too, because you will be publicly shamed as a racist, bigot, and sexist. Hate speech is still free speech. Even now. When logic and fact is called hate.
Mike Agate
Where we are today is a direct consequence of the leftist education we have had for the past 40 years.\nIt is only now, in 2018 that the smoke is slowly lifting and the nastiness of the Left is being exposed for what it has always been.\nWelcome to sane world.
Not Enough Bass
Welcome brother. We’ve been expecting you.
NotSo Logical
well done. once you start thinking for yourself the whole world opens up.
Love this!! Thanks for using your common sense! College is an indoctrination system for far Left thinking. And parents are paying for their kids to be brainwashed. Sad!
Perpetual Student
I hope you blow up.
Piink is Smug
The irony is that you actually are oppressed by someone else, the discrimination actively leveled against Asian Americans in academics barring enrollment because of diversity quotas. Merit subverted to make room for peoples ideological agendas.\n\nEither way, I have a strong suspicion that you wont let that get you down. \n\nLiked and subbed.\n\nThis movement is the tits.
Once you get out of college and experience real life...you will leave the Left.
Likes vs dislikes speaks the truth.
BINGO!  Good to see another one that has the common sense to investigate and question things that are all wrong about the left.  Good to see that you woke up from the nightmare that is the liberal left.  It's so hard to convince someone that doesn't believe in what others are or have been telling them, they need to have the \
Samuel Johnson
You do not even know how happy you made me when you said you could not morally support abortion. I salute you, Sir\
Steph J
to date,I have not seen ONE person who went from conservative to liberal.Think about that.
Steve O
Nice going brother I’m on the same page. Smart man.
Steve Trowbridge
I think the \
Steve Wagner
Zach,you’re awesome. The liberals don’t get it.
Super Sheepy
I was late to the sjw as its not realy a thing here but after I saw it I was just thinking, this is a thing??? But ya i would have originally thought myself as a democrat if I was there but I think it is, I like the concept just not the practical if that makes sense? Personally I'd just start my own party and take the best of both sides as one thing I hate about many democratic countries only pick between either red or blue and nothing else :p
The Closet On The Right
Welcome to the side of honest, thoughtful and fact-based opinions my friend! We are so happy to have you! All are welcome.
The Last Call
The Left hates White people, and whatever they tell you to your face, their hatred for East Asian people is also palpable - witness the LA riots, etc, excused by people like Maxine Waters who is still in congress. Asians generally don't like the victim game and that puts them at odds with the Left once they open their eyes to it.
I am so happy of your reawakening! Asian immigrant here!
Thomas Jefferson
Hell yeah man, now lets go to the gun range.
Trinity Tallo
WOW! Great story. Thank God that God opened up your eyes and softens your heart. He gave you wisdom to know the truth. That's awesome.
Asian American as well, walked away when I was in my freshman year of University. Got duped once, never again.
Wilberto Nunez
I'm a Latino who decided to #WalkAway. Welcome to sanity, bro!
William Stolze
You are a very intelligent, articulate young man. Many people are on the same path your on. Putting blame on white America is completely regressive. Folks need to be responsible for their own lives and feel proud to be a citizen of this country, no matter what your race is. Before any of us are white, black, Hispanic or Asian, we are Americans. Welcome to the modern conservative party my friend.
Yak Motley
Great Story!
Zach Hing
Let me know what you think!
ZiggyLu 2022
*_You’re a smart man brother! I was left liberal and lost my head. The demoncratic party is NOT what it was back in the 1800’s. It’s totally changed and has a forceful evil agenda and I don’t want to be any part of it. It’s totally tyrannical when you actually look at their agenda. It is a total brains washing programming scheme. At the same time I feel so sorry for the people deceived by this regime._*
Outstanding. Like you said Facts not Feelings.
I never had to #Walkaway from the Left because I was never with them. Hehehe...\n\nSeriously though, congrats on your revelation and being red-pilled. Now go buy yourself something nice to celebrate! 👍😎
All good and true but feminism is not liberalism. One is a single world view radical idea, the other one the concept of more power and freedom to individuals.
Good for you Zach. I’m a black conservative, and I left the plantation years ago. I’m just so proud to see young men like you reject this poisonous ideology of victimhood. Democrats don’t care about anyone. They only care about power, and they will lie to any and everyone of us to maintain it. Say it loud and proud brother! Congratulations on your release from prison.
Leftism has become sacred, and therefore void of logic.
Trump is keeping America's head above the cultural Marxist globalist swamp water.\nAmerica won't survive much into the later part of this century without patriots like you.\nDemographics (Pew Research potential projections): The growing Hispanic and Asian populations juxtaposed against the falling white population means the \
harry sachs
Don't wonder off too far right. Stay with us in the middle
jaylynn Cameron
I am not a conservative. I am not a leftist. But there is no middle ground apparently.
mark heyne
He glances at abortion rights briefly to say he's 'looked into it' and found it horrific. He cant have looked very deeply, as mostly it is routine and un-traumatic. You may think it should NOT be routine and un-traumatic, but apart from the infrequent 'late-term' abortion, which IS horrific, most women would like to keep access to control over a process that affects them alone.
Democrat = Anti-Independence, Anti- responsibility, Anti-Constitution, Anti-America
soli Sanchez
I am Hispanic as you can see with the last name and sadly because of my race it is difficult and unfortunately dangerous as well with some Hispanics to claim that I am Republican and yes, I voted for President Trump. \nI have absolutely no regrets having walked away in 2008 when I didn’t vote for Obama and still have no regrets. D
We are so pleased to welcome smart, eloquent, thoughtful, enthusiastic former Democrats and Progressives. A warm welcome home.
once you said that you were from berkeley i knew where your leftist views stemmed from. \nlol that place is an echo chamber.
Great brother, good for you, welcome to the truth. Regards from The Netherlands.