Ben Harper - Walk Away

Ben HarperWalk Away

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This song got me through some rough break ups. It definitely made me cry A LOT.
Amanda Cruz
Amy Gonyea
This reminds me of my ex Weston. I had to walk away. It was for the best!
Angela Musiema
lovenin any prey in my way, i nown a ricchnest , life dd peace in peace of  in to entry a word..lvks
Ann a
Is thos guy Christian? Some of his songs sound like it. 👍
Anony moss
lovely tune
Ari Carlos Silva
So hard to do but so easy to say...
Augusto Carvalho
Grande Ben Harper, suavidade, originalidade e qualidade.
Beefy Ed
Brian Bertoli
wow this is so soul touching. everything makes sense when I hear music like this
Chinois Vert
End of the story (with tears in my eyes)
Chris Unknown
Dear reader, I hope you have an incredible day! Stay strong and chase your dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem! Even after my hardships this comment I saw on a video picked me up so I wanted to pass it along.
Contact Moi
This song lighted upon me in the darkest valleys my valued reader, and i found myself crying after losing everything. I thought my team was strong but i just kept on losing facing the world alone. Then the tornado came with the excruciating pain but still I see no door to walk away. So I don''t know if it's true that things do get better over time or it's just easily said.
Danielle Rakotomanga
nice song
Ben Harper is one of if not the most talented artist currently and in a long long time. His voice , ability to play instruments along with singing with his heart and soul is simply intriguing, mesmerizing,and truly gratifying to the soul within. He shares his life experiences through his music and most of us if not all of us can relate to one or more of his experiences in our lives through his incredible music. If your only now beginning to explore this man and his music, spend some time there is a lot to savor with his incredible talents and offerings. He simply is Fucking Awesome !
David Collier
She has forgotten who I am. Guess its time to walk away. Going to be playing this quite often.
Dezarae Pebworth
most people think of this as a don't about leaving a relationship. However, for me it's more about accepting the loss of a loved one. I realized that accepting it is a dream. it's been almost six years. it doesn't go away. this song makes me grateful for an amazing relationship one that would make God's blush. always and forever\u003c3
Edwin Elias Aviles
beautiful piece...
Emilia Alvarez Rubinstein
Quentin if you read this I really miss you, thanks for so much, enjoy your trip.
Beauty in simplicity.
Graham Eyerley
Sigh. Back to this song again. Im getting to old to fall into this love trap again. When will i learn not to give away my insteady heart?
Henry Stradford
Ben Harper - Walk Away
Im everythIng
hurts my heart
J Martinez
Wow like an arrow. straight to the heart... melancholically beautiful.
Jacob Diaz
Janine Webb
Hi from olivia
Joao Pereira
Quero dois chuas em paiplalaine!!!kkkkkkkkk\n!!!
JoeDaShizzz Photo-Art-Music
Simply beautiful!
John Henry
Sad but true
Joseph Gelb
This song used to have no impact on me at all then I had to walk away and the rest is history
Justin Provan
I remember an old friend I had part ways I am still your friend but it's just as it is.
Ka Zak
Love This song !!! daaaaamn
Trop beau!!!! pfff de France!
Kylie Spell
It's been four months now since they've left home... I guess the hardest thing to do is to accept they are never coming back.
LaxGirl Probs
For Andrew ❤️😭
Leonardo Alencar
Walk Away
Lily Caps
A guitar + a voice = a masterpiece
Lonely Girl
I get it I've been homeless for a good bit! Guess it's just life
Manda Lund
My best friend Warren killed himself in 2006. This was the song playing in his car at the time of his death and one of the songs played at his funeral.
Marco Costa
I'm in pieces and It was my fault\nI wish i could get back in time\nThis song describes my actual days so damn well.
Marcos Bueno
I've recently separated from the love of my life and this song describes 100% what I'm feeling. Sometimes I doubt that I'll ever feel different again. It's very hard to let go someone that you'll love forever :(\n\nIf you have repetitively listened this song 1000x like me, give a thumbs up!  \ufeff
Marquita Briscoe
Yo Road_dogz_inc whats up:)
Medea Zucca
bella bella
Meggan Meints
So much I love about your music. But this song had always rung true. I will always love him. Still dream about him after 10 years. I love my life now...but I think maybe you only get one true love.
Minor Gray Music
Harper°°☆☆☆♡¿¿♧♧♧love love
Missy Rees
My heart is aching....but this too shall pass. I hope
Nancy at Little Homestead in Boise
He reminds me of Amos Lee...
Paul Carpio
So hard to do and so easy to say. I speak spanish but I love this musician.
Peter Grant
waking Thur the door to open my eyes to see the sun shining down on me ..stay happy an no one can touch that
Pj Valenz
🙌Onwards & Upwards!
Ras Israel
Greetings in the name of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I- Jah RastafarI. Ben Harper is one of the most underestimated artist of all TIME.... Roots, Rock, Reggae..... Rock on.
Rolland Heiss
What is wrong with 213 people? this is a great song
Ruddy Soufi
Guitar sounds like \
Scott Erridge
Man against the world
Sergio Rey
Omg... there's a song for every feeling, just 1 Ben Harper and that's a shame. Thank you man!
Shane Richards
I am going to try and learn this song on guitar and play it at a Open Mic today, thanks for posting. Just walk away.....right. \
Shauna Harris
that explains it.
Shelley Holland
I had never heard this song before. It's beautiful...sigh.
Sometimes walking away is not an option, If you love the person you are hurting for, make it right again, As long as I have air in my lungs and blood in my heart, I will fight for her. :(
Smilla Zakalwe
pretty excellent, don't entirely agree but damn that was sweet.
Smith Haywood
Jody with a Y.
Stacy Steele
Am loving this guy, incredible.
Sugar Suga
Ben has such a beautiful voice. I've been listening to his music for almost 15 years, and he still has the ability to peer into my heart and sing songs to carry me through any hardship I hit in life.
Once homeless for 2 months I sang this song everyday roming the streets in the cold mornings. And when finally I had enough money to buy me a ticket home. Ben Harper was going in the same flight, his first visit to Brazil. I tried to come closer to shake his hand. He stood up shook my hand and gave me a hug. He simply let go of my chains of guilt and pain I felt. Poor guy did not understand a thing! I cried like a baby!
Tyler Cone
Guess I am asshole, much love. Much love
Tânia Jay
4 months ago I was in a relationship and my ex said to me \
Vanessa Furtado
Sometimes you just have to walk away because you have nothing to prove. Walking away with no need to claim innocence is the only way out when you can´t seem to understand why you are being chased. The good new is that karma will eventually punish the ones that are to blame. Gosh!I truly love this song. Amén Ben Harper. 🙏
iv always known this song but since my girlfriend left after 2 years this song is more alive in every word.
I just heard about this guy 2 weeks ago.  Burn one down is the song that gets played on my juke box at work.  Dude has great vocals. Total respect.........
Zakaria Hysoka
crazy how a song can relate to your real life events !
Zhor LaRose
didicated to my best friend, missed you so much and always will miss our old best days
adriaan geurtsen
Just love this man and his music-and a joyful sound was heard throughout the land, which lifted this old man out of his lethargy and back into the world. Love!
Love BH. From the heart and an old soul. Lyrics that matter. And he's GORGEOUS! ;-)
biblio oilbib
This kind of melody always charming my heart and my spirit ! Words are the final touch of beauty !
e w
Brilliant. Timeless lyrics
Such an under rated song
the only thing that's been able to calm my thoughts today.
im awake
Got street cred!!!!!
jake swafford
its so hard to do but so easy to say
james vowell
I love tacos yall...
k corn
I had not heard of him before, now that I've discovered his music, it's just what I'm been looking for....he is phenomenal.
Jesus i just realized this song is unrequited, never finding love, and giving up and the time lost between love from hurting, and walking away? Wow...*mind blown*
lily Glez
Te dibujaria una vida tras otra, eres perfecto.
ma Enilorac
Musique , son ,voix quand tu nous prends ..
magie expliquer 863
jador et jadorer toute ma vie
I'm not alone when I listen to you Ben... thx
maya newing
takes me back to my younger days... listening to ben harper on my $10 mp3 player. no technology. no social media. no drama. just happiness.
mykill cabannis
live from Mars version is more soulful IMO
My lover died six years ago. I feel that my heart is singing this song, crying these words. Time does not erase anything, I miss you. I'll miss you forever. And even if you walk by my side, I feel your presence, the lack is so terrible ...
rachel bone
 this is my first time to hear him i like
rey monteiro
thx ben harper
Nice song.  But I don't think I'll listen to it again. 
As we laughed, flirted and shared little things, beyond attraction our souls connected. And sure enough as the months passed I loved her, despite the knowledge or wisdom I know I lacked, I just _loved_ her, and wanted to share this world with her.\nBut life, fate, timing whatever you call it, and I could not have her. She deserved a better chance at happiness than the misery I knew I could bring, and she knew it too. It was all I could do to seem ok as we both let it go. The love was innocent, pure, beautiful. But it was like a rose growing in the middle of a highway, out of place and hopeless.\nFrom the the best part of me I hope and pray for her every happiness it would have been my privilege to bring and much much more.\nNow, from a safer distance, all that's left - God help my heart walk away :(
It's 4 AM, i'm thinking of him and suddenly this song comes playing. Apt soundtrack of my life at the moment. Beautiful music as always Mr.Harper.
this song\u003e\u003e
zen zen
excellent song writing