330 HP All Motor 2007 Honda Civic - One Take

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This Honda Civic Si was built by Emmanuel Burciaga of NA Performance, and is currently making 330 horsepower from a high-compression 2.5L stroker engine running Ethanol blend. The parts list is ridiculously extensive, and while this isn't a project Emmanuel recommends for his customers, it's a testament to the kind of speed and power possible without turbocharging a Honda engine.Follow Emmanuel on Instagram @K20z3allmotor Check out the ridiculous mod list on Wheelwell!

JDM KA25 NA SI all aspirated civic compression engine farah farrah high honda matt motor naturally performance sm... stroker the tst type R

MORE CIVICS damnit i cant get enough hondas
This fucking guy used to modify intakes. He had something called the x intake and I bought it from him. He installed it and went to a dyno place in Ventura where I got 22 hp from it. This was in 2008 so things have definitely magnified for him. Way to go Emmanuel
Didnt even hit vtec
Aefwa Efwe
I've seen some wild Civics and wow... this one tops them all. Props !
Al Capone
tht look like 30foot cliffss
Andrew Elliott
Is that the fabled \
Backyard production
15k for 330hp?? You smoking dope...
14:1 compression, 11 second, that's insane stuff
Bobby Vang
Don't end the civics. There has to be a lot of us who enjoy watching even more civics even though you've already covered them.
Ain't nobody buying those clothes lmao
Brandon Harlow
That Honda Civic sounds 10x better than the current F1 car design. Sad stuff
Brian Jamieson
This is freakin cool. 🙏 dam all those different gear ratios. Very unique
Bryce Czirr
The last good looking civic. Every one since has gotten uglier.
I dont see why everyone's freaking out over the cost of the build. what car can you buy for 15k that will run 11 second 1/4 miles? that's basically what a z06 will run and at a fraction of the cost. not to mention that I bet it handles like a beast. 15 isn't much when you look at it like that.
C7 Z
So this is the Honda people refer to when they say \
Carl Johnson
No more civics? I wanted to see you do a one take in a EP3 SI.
Casey Colgan
I searched N/A performance in Google and I can't find a thing about Emmanuel and his shop, only a road and track article about this video. Shame really, I would love to talk to him and see what he could do for me. I love this engine.
Clark Kent
MORECIVICS MORECIVICS MORECIVICS!!!! And a 98'Diablo would be really Kool as well 😎
The K series is incredible. They make power so easily.
Eddie Figueroa
I have the same car, the rims look cool, what size and brand are they? I might try and buy the same
Erik Gonzalez
Like everyone says I don't care who you are these NA motor sounds is pure bliss!!
I love my K series Si! I have the same 8thgen Si car as him! It is a fun car to drive daily and beat the hell out of it and it won't break! =]
Give this man a razor for God’s sake
Gabriella faks
all motor is all it took for me to click
GreenGo Racing
K series ftw
Griffin Glenn
I gotta say, 330whp naturally aspirated in any 4-cylinder car is insane, let alone one that can actually idle and not stall every 2 seconds. Wow.
I hate stupid people
Speedfactory should let Matt take their 1800 hp Civic for a few spins down the strip,he'd be blown away
Ian Clancy
160 hp per liter. That would be impressive with a turbo. This Civic is NA. Example: a Bugatti Veyron makes 125 hp per liter with FOUR turbos, Porsche 911 Turbo makes 142 hp per liter.
holy crap 11 second car and it looks like a stock civic with rims!!
Jacob Justus
Damn 11.3 in the quarter, That's really fast for a NA civic!
Jake Ledbetter
non of the Si's shipped without sunroofs. what the hell is going on here?
Jeff Jones
This was truly fun to watch and hear. Nothing like a high revving well built Honda.
Jermaine Coleman
makes me not want boost now😭
Jesus Hernandez
At 07:09 they looked like the rolli pollies from a bugs life lol
John yaj
Hopefully, the tong mans si ct supercharged civc makes it on here. LoL Emmanuel u gotta hook tong up.
Khu NoPie
Is this an automatic or A Manuel?\nI'll see myself out
This is the best sounding civic and the nicest Civic I have ever seen.
8th gen Civics were the last good looking ones :/
Less Talk, More Delicious
Imagine that engine in a 2000lb Miata.
Manny Foxgiven
never really been a huge honda civic fan but im really into this car! its clean, and fast and sounds GREAT!! Love it
Matthew Mangiaracina
When he power shifted: \
Matthew Russian
wow what an amazing build the owner said 2500 lbs though. how do you get rid of nearly 400 pounds and still have what looks like a full interior/equipment?
best sounding civic i have ever heard.
My god, I miss my old '08 Si sedan after watching this. *Opens Craiglist tab*
Mike Cromley
I wanna see Tsyuchia drive this car haha
Mitch S
We want more Emmanuel! Awesome car, awesome guy.
Moto ciklista
no one heard the misfire when they first got going?
No sunroof, sure it's an si?
Cool Vid. Emmanuel has worked on my car as well. I was the black civic in the previous smoking tire video ha
Nick Motsarsky
Take note, Honda ricers, THIS is what a nice civic looks like.
Love this models look compared to the current one, looks so much better! I wish Honda would make these in RWD or AWD as well or as an option that's my only gripe with Honda.
This guy built his own transmission as well lol he really knows his stuff.
Olive View
I appreciate the engineering. But as you say, that cost is simply not reasonable. You'd take a ~$15K used Honda, add $15K in work, and have a car worth $10K because 9 out of 10 people would walk away from buying a used car with a \
Omar Fernando
Cuanto quieres por tu carro?
7:10 synchronized laugh
14:1 sweet moses.
Piotr Bilik
this is not street car.
Rho Main
Amazing! Makes me want to keep my 8th gen.
Ricky Buysse
For the owner of this car, that intake manifold is gold the famous 9.0 from (joe mcCartey RIP) A VERY SPECIAL CUSTOM MADE PIECE you got there sadly none of this will be made anymore.never sell them.
Ruben Isai
I'm not a Honda fanboy, but props and respect to this build. Love the NA
Matt try a 7gen Celica GTS
Sean Johnstone
Honda civic..... LOL. sad so many losers spend money on this weak platform.
Sebastian Conde
this guys is a real tuner: 14.1 compression, Gearing, n.a with 330 Hp, making 11 seconds on the drag strip.\nThis dude deserves a prize.
I wish my b16 had that kind of power!
A pretty penny... but mad respect.
Stefan Myers
Naturally aspirated engines make me warm and fuzzy.....
330whp from an NA civic si.... fapfapfap
I love how he's scared shitless to go into vtec. it's only 330 come on.
Emmanuel is a true hero. He laughs in the face of rice Hondas
The Regal Empire
This civic beast sounds insanely ridiculous. 😱
I was sitting there wondering how he made 330WHP on an NA build....and then Matt said 14:1 compression. Holy cow!
Touge Time
motor needs to be in mr2 or elise
Travis Leonard
Honestly I've never watched a One Take video all the way through.... until now. Great video. The owner was definitely prepared to discuss the details of this car. Also he was excited about it. So often the owners or builders are numb and dull and I can never make it to the end. Good work! Nice Civic!
Trippy Media
It's so pleasing to see a guy like Matt who drives top of the market Porsches and mclarens truly enjoying a well built civic
Viktor Dimitrovski
Holy shit pretty impressive. No direct injection, no ITB. Yet 330 wheel without forced induction.
Wade H
As a porsche 911 owner honda makes some of the best sports car in the world; s2000 and NSX are still some of the best car I've never driven.
Will M.
That's a race car built to destroy egos whether he wins or not.
These crazy high revving high hp NA Honda engines are like the NA Ferrari engines of the JDM world lol
This motor behind you in a cage and seat with some aero... please make it happen universe
I'm a diehard BMW guy (for the not-current N/A ones anyways) and I absolutely love this build. This guy went all out in pushing the limits of the motor and keeping it N/A. This car reminds me of Honda's glory days in the 90s. Love it!
Horn not working, watch for finger.
imagine how fast it would be with a 1/8th tank of gas and a short skinny asian driving solo.. 10.9 for sure..
jo smit
1:35 on drug cartel cams
john park
i sow civic SI with 1000 HP
lsreborn senior
imagine that powerplant in an eg/ek hatch
ltwargssf R
14:1 compression ? Jesus, so 40k miles and it needs a rebuild ?
Pretty cool to see Emmanuel bring the 8th. I need to get my money up to talk to VitViper about getting a motec installed for my 8th!
I like the clean no big huge wing and gigantic exhaust look, good choice in terms of appearance
polished rust
If all wheel drive would this get ten's?
Wow 11.3 @ 124mph all motor V-Tec glory!!
sarah corbett
Love thumbnail. Honda civics are the best car ever, like if you agree
sean krinik
This car is amazing. I love how it's his personal project but it really showcases what his shop is about. Big ups. Amazing motor build. Plus the 14:1 compression... I had to rewind the video to make sure I heard that right. Haha
simon jones
Emmanuell Burciaga = GOD OF CIVICS
tortellini tentacles
I respect dudes that build their hondas than mommy and daddy bought evos
trevor philips
everyone fyi he said 15k not 50k just so ya know
tvar doasair
So he runs a 11.3 in this gen 4 door civic\n\nSo if you put this motor in a eg it's a 10 second car yikes all motor
I meet him at Sacramento raceway he drove the car there to race it. Very nice guy and a clean car and build.