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Nostalgic grooves on this HOME track. Taken from "Odyssey" via Midwest Collective.

Electronic Music (Media Genre) HOME Midwest Collective Odyssey Resonance chill chillwave music nostalgia retrowave simpsonwave synthwave vaporwave

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I HIGHLY suggest anyone to play this while driving at night holy shit it’s awesome
A Cow
This song is the feeling of riding on a motorcycle cruising in the desert of a far off post-apocalyptic planet with a destroyed city in the background as the sun sets.
Aday Madaday
I play this song on my funeral.
Agustin Gigli
Stranger Things
Alexi Denault
at first i said this was shit but after watching it while working i found that i wached that for over 1 hour
Artzie Music
always find my way back here
Asger Kalhauge
This song makes you miss good memories, and also make them 10 times better.
*V A P O R W A V E*
This is the most poetic comment section I've ever seen
BeautifulPink PrettyTree
aliens: lets hear what they say\n\nalso aliens: Holy jsysk! this planet is fine.\n\nhumans: whats that.
Big Tuna
If you like this song you should also listen to Intro by the XX
Black Lamb
This song makes me think.
Brandon W
A timeless aesthetic for music.
If there was a such thing as a song Museum this would be the exhibit behind bulletproof glass
This song is a schedule 2 drug. Amazing euphoria with a dash of nostalgia. Beautiful. 🤤🤤🤤
Just think about when were older and we come back to this song and get nostalgic about the nostalgia of this songs nostalgia
Chris Kogos
H҉O҉N҉E҉Y҉ ҉I҉M҉ ҉H҉O҉M҉E҉
Vsauce, micheal here
Denky Mems
Now Playing - HOME-Resonance\n\r\n00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:32\n⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
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Elisha Long
Evanie Castro
i swear this song is affecting me like a drug, every time i listen to it i feel the sudden urge to cry tears of joy and just lay and think about my whole short life i’ve lived and just reminisce i don’t even know
Where my comment that had over a 100 likes
Almost forgot to listen to this today.
Gigantic Franklin
Imagine, listening to this and driving at a very high speed at night.
Gono Maniax
Near 40 million views. H O M E is on another level compared to any other retrowave/synthwave artist. This is beyond the vaporwave trend. This is a classic.
H02 P1t
my type of drug
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Jay Thomas
This song...... I cant even put a finger on my nostalgia its just... everything.
Jhania Smith
Y’all every realize that we high key a big family. We are all the brothers and sisters of each other. We may have even been our own sister in a past life. You never know in to you look up at the sky on a clear night and connect the literally dots of the universe-the constellations, And then you will see that we are each other stars. It’s true. We truly are the universe and multiple systems that generate different forms of energy respectful to each other. It’s so beautiful, i think. It’s beautiful to think of life in that way. I love all of you. Even if I have never met you now, I met you all in a past life. 🙂
Joy Fold
I have fallen in love with this beat... my soul enjoys riding it...
JuGGz Dog
Sat, Oct 27 10:12 PM I miss you mom \n\nSun, Oct 28 3:58 AM\nMon, Oct 29 10:42 AM\nFri, Nov 2 4:14 PM
Judah B
This song is like a drug with no side effects
Julie Christensen
the fact this is on YouTube kids.\n\n\n\n\n\n\nmy first space trip
Justin DANK .
Perfect song to listen to while driving around a city at night.\n\n(Edit) WHY HAS THIS GOT SO MANY LIKES IT WAS JUST A RANDOM THOUGHT HOLY GOD.
Justin Y.
Awaken. My aesthetic masters.
Krazy azz Liberal
Ooh ya thats what I'm talkin bout
Kurt Knipsel
I didn't realize ear porn was allowed on youtube.
I use to listen to this with my cat but sadly he died yesterday
Ascending to the 5th dimension catch you hoes later
Just think what will happen when this song is old enough to make us feel nostalgic about the song itself
If you just try to think about a memeory it will give you such a weird feeling.
Lord Gaming1012
No one will ever know how much I love this songs it mean something to me
Lost in the Dark
This song makes me feel hopelessly depressed and unendingly optimistic at the same time. My mind dreams of all the things I wish to accomplish while remembering everything I've ever experienced. I love this song wholeheartedly.
I was flying from London to my country, sitting to the plane window. Time was perfect - sunset, everything painted in orange and gold colors, thank god this song was in my mobile phone, could not be better theme for such experience. Still have the photo of the moment.
I feel like I am living in 1984
This song can be described using too many words that it's almost impossible to describe it. \nBElieve THEre is GOOD in the world. \nKeep dreaming. \n- November 4th 2018\n\nwhoa guys i have 26 likes now thats wow im touched thank you \u003c3 \n- November 13th, 2018\n\nhi i like coming back here to edit this. this song is great 10/10 i recommend. \nso what's crack a lackin? you should look at my progressive video it's gr8. ok lol bye.\n-November 15th, 2018
For me this song is solitude. Not sad solitude, the loneliness and oneness of your mind. All your experiences, all the laughter, anger, sadness, laughter, all the time you spent goofing around acting like idiots with your friends. This is walking with your friends to the Grocery store to buy snacks late one summer night as the sun sets and paints the sky millions of shades of yellow and purple, laughing without a care in the world. This is those memories that you think back on when you are alone, with happiness, wishing you could stay like that forever. This is the reality that you can't. That life chugs on unendingly, with nothing any one man can do to stop it. This song is weightless responsibility, but with it looming ever so distantly, but it zooming up on you at a million miles an hour. I love this song.
Nathaniel Mata
I love driving my Camaro in Houston at 2am listening to this song. No destination just driving. Makes me feel like I made it.
No one
Кто от Братишкина?
NyRoNix HyBrId
1:53 is what you’re here for 😋
Came from the Asian Girl dances with cat - Vine. Nice song!
Pixie lul
i remember when i first heard this song and now whenever i listen to it it reminds me of the good and emotional memories a had while listening to this
*Under this music you want to fly to Mars, and relax ...*
Why don't I have one if this is what home feels like?
This song is great.\n\nThen tiktok took it
Is this what we hear when we ascend to heaven?
Rekk Tovarishch
_You're driving through the outskirts of Los Angeles in your old but cheap car. The radio loudly plays a calming synthwave. As the beat drops, not loudly, you look to your right only to see the large orange sun setting on the horizion, it's blinding light glistening off of the many windows of the tall towers of the skyline. Orange, red, and darkening colours fill the sky as the long, unending strips of clouds are a nice pink. You gaze into the skyline, observing it's artifical and natural beauty, only turning your attention back to the road once the song ends. \
RollA Dice
You're in a carpool with your friend, nearing a large city in the early morning. The cool wind still brushes against you to accompany the beautiful orange and blue sky. You almost feel like you're asleep, or dreaming. You know that in the future this mere action or event will all soon be a distant memory. You want to make this trip last, live it to the fullest. Although our time is short, you want to see it all.\n\nIm 13 and get this vibe a lot lol.
Rubmeet Off
the amount of times i come back to this is unhealthy
The *perfect* song doesn't exi-
Sajid Mahmud
After the memes tho
Samuel McPartlin
I remember this one time where me and three of my friends went for a walk in the countryside. We walked down this path which seemed to stretch on forever. There was nobody around apart from us. There was no sound apart from us, just laughing and talking. It was a sunny November day, so we were warm and cold at the same time. At the end of the day we reached this abandoned farmhouse and climbed up to the balcony. We watched the sun set behind the fields, an impossibly beautiful masterpiece of reds and oranges. The good old days...
Sean 1844
I was born in the right generation
I’m waiting to play this while I’m walking home on a snowy night at 11:00 pm down the street with neon lit building signs. \n\nWhat about you?
Shiver V-X
Listen to this in the morning when it’s really blue out side or at night when it’s about to be dark
Shot Uce Horighty then
*Happiness* has joined the chat\n*Sadness* has left the chat
Sir Coyote
This song feels like sitting in a quiet little town, watching a sunset. You're not with anyone else, just watching, alone. You reflect on your life, it hasn't been perfect, has it? Of course not, nothing is perfect. But your life has had it's good bits, and you should remember that. That is what this song feels like. Being alone in a quiet little town, watching the sunset.
Skimask’s Durag
Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow Meow meow \n\n\n\n\n\nI can’t un-hear it now
Soviet H00VY
Play at 0.75 speed you’ll start to levitate and find yourself traveling in space.
This Song is too good to be not featured on radio.\n\nMan we need some kind of international radio that only plays stuff like this...
Spooky Spookleton
Why am I floating in space?
Feels like my ears got made love to.
I feel homesick for a place that doesn't *exist* ...
Tanner Shelly
Play this song on 0.25 speed makes me feel like I'm on weed.
The perfect song to test earphones with.
An absolute journey of a song, not just to different places but to different times. The past and the future, all in the present contained within a single song. A song from both 1986 and 2063. I just hope this journey never ends.
random memory of the asian lady dancing with her cat came to mind then I came here
Windex Drinker
Never had so much nostalgia from a song I’ve never heard before anyone agree?
This Song Wakes my Nostalgia, of Something I've never Felt or seen Before.
Xeno XX121
Makes me feel like I'm in the 80s
Good to listen to when high
[R e n a r d]
awsomeGUY 360
I always play this song at night when I'm in the city
gamer boss01
Greatest music ever made
iiSunshine Girl
This is so calming and helps me with my homework everyday and it never gets old 👍❤
long cat
This song is the feeling of falling asleep on a long car ride passing by a distant city, the feeling of waking up so early on a winter morning that its still dark and falling right back into sweet slumber, the feeling of going on midnight bus rides alone to absolutely nowhere and watching lights and street signs flash by, the feeling of being so tired your eyes wont stay open and every sound blends together into a perfect harmony as you fall asleep, the feeling of faint deja vu listening to old 80's music, the feeling of that melancholic nostalgia when you visit an old place.\nI'd like to imagine this song to be the feeling an astronaut feels, looking back at the earth from far away, looking back at the place youve been your whole life, where all your friends and memories are, where all your greatest achievements took place, where your tiny life started and where it will inevitably end, the feeling of true peace, knowing that everything youve ever known is so miniscule to the scale of everything, truly being alone with your thoughts, processing the utterly unbelievable one of a kind, oddly lonely but soothing feeling. This song is truly an amazing feeling.
Main stream would never play this, because main stream is shit.
m paria
If God gives me life im Going to come back in 1 year from now and see how this beautiful song makes me feel today is october 29, 2018...fly high my friends❤💫
pauly hart
loop of guy looking around room
salt boi
*my favorite part was* 0:00 - 3:32
shadow Tornado777
Good morning everyone how has your day been today?
yacoute Elhamriti7
Daft punk take notes !😎👌
Сорри ,что не в тему,но Братишкин самый конченный стример.
Сектант Валера
Черт, эта песня вдохновляет. От нее, в душе какой-то казус. Хочется творить, что-то менять в себе, в мире. Здесь так много не понятных мне эмоций, словно, они смешались в одну. Можно сидеть около окна, думая о жизни, можно лежать на кровати в слезах, понимая, что завтра будет тоже самое что и сегодня, что и сейчас. Но, сейчас, мне хочется улыбаться. \n\n\nСпасибо HOME за прекрасную песню!
Some people listen to this song about weelly.