GEMS - W/O u (Without You)

Gems Without You

Gems WO u YOu without withoutyou

A smear of paint
an other victim from * before i fall * hhhhhhhh love that movie and the musicccc \u003c3 inspiring
Adrianna Nealey
I love this song, it's beautiful
Aliii Khan
Beautiful song.. \n#beforeifall
Alyssa Pritchett
I'm in love with this song!! 😍❤
Amaan Ali
These songs are good for someone who has depression
Amber Borta
Reminds me of The Cranberries! Beautiful voice! 😍😍🎤
I found this song after hearing it on the movie, love it.
Anuvab Saha
before I fall leads here all!!!! Awesome Song n Musc
Avinash K
Thank you, Before I fall......for THIS song!
BEFORE I FALL\n\n this is my most favorite song out of all before i fall soundtrack ....
Best Worrior
Listening to this song make me feel cool :')
Bisou Merveille
Thank you a ton Meissou 🙏🏼❤️
Brandon Sly
cool tune Thx #BeforeIFall
Carina Joseph
Before I fall 💖
such a good song..came here from Before I Fall
Before I Fall brought me here.  This song has such a dreamy, ethereal quality to it.  Makes me think of someone's soul leaving their body and moving on to another dimension.  It's so beautiful and sad, I love it.
Daisy .T
Who else's cried at the end of before I fall !
Danae Deli
Magic voice!
Daniel Samaniego
Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow
DejaVu FoX
Incredible Song, i hear Metal , but this is still Awsome. This Sound and her Voice... \u003c3
Elvia Flores
This will forever be a big song for me. Since losing my brother.
Ethan OI
scenery and song...match made in nolstagia paradise
Fernanda Rodrigues
Before I fall 😢😍
Fernando Cruz
me encanta ; 3
Gia F
Before I fall \u003c3
Gulshair Malik
Amazing Voice..
Haneen Elias
I guess the movie #before i fall is gonna help this song go viral its underrated though\nBeautiful song
Helena Snow
this is just beautiful.. i'm hooked
I now know what you like
still missing her
Isley Gasseling
Am I the only one who does not understand the end?😂🤦\u200d♀️
István Benedek
You are my hero ❤\nBefore i fall ❤
Jess Parker
It's amazing what you find when watching a movie, this song is so beautiful.
Jose Cano Salinas
esta me encanta super locasaa
Kelly Lopez
yesss the movie brought me here too, great movie, very nice song! :-)
Kit Kat
this is my fav song from the movie Before I Fall
Before I Fall ♥️
Layek JoY
Really an awesome & mind blowing song ever 😊
Maria Costa
Onde eu baixo essa música grátis?
Maria Furmage
Yessss! Before I Fall brought me here. Had to check this song out.
Maria Luiza
Perfect music
Matty Gaunt
Before I fall :)
Miguel Mesquita123
Jaja Os BR Descobre essa Música
Miguel Perdomo
Esta cancion tiene algo...
Minh Anh
before i fall brought me here too
Miss Moondela
Mladen Bozickovic
Music from this movie called me... here I am...
Mr. Artem
Before I Fall brought me here
Love it 💖👍
Nah Seh
Before I fall make me cry, so intense lmao
Natalie Flower
This song has something of the 80s-90s sound.. Wonderful!
Who was watching \
Nini Carrel
I fell in love with this song watching the movie #BeforeIFall😻
Nuralyta Augustine
i love this song because 'before i fal'
Long way down when there's no way out\nHow I long for the way we were\nDays go by in the dying embersI still remember\n\nThese days I'm haunted by each day that passes by\nThese days passing by\n\nI wanna get out but I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\nI wanna get out but I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\n\nLong way down and there's no way out\nStill I ache for the way we were\nFiery pain in the dying embers\nWill you remember\n\nThese days I'm haunted by each day that passes by\nThese days passing by\n\nI wanna get out but I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\nWanna get out but I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\n\nCan you save my soul and make me whole?\n\nTry to remember and the wind we blow but I won't let go\n\nTry to remember\nCan you save my soul?\nCan you make me whole?\n\nTry to remember and the wind we blow but I won't let go\n\nTry to remember\n\nI wanna get out but I can't live without you\nBut I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\n\nI can't live without you
Phary Smith
Pragathi Sampath
My favourite beacause of the movie #Befoeifall \ni listen to this whole the day n rest of my life
epic movie
Raymond Carlson
Sat through the credits to listen to this full song. Great.
shiee... this song makes me.. alive?\nbtw Before i Fall brought me here ;o
🎶 ~ \
Román Félix
Y todos los gringos con su pendejada de que la escucharon en before i fall o como sea que se escriba nmmn eso que!!!
Sam Davidson
I loved this song from the first moment I heard it. Much thanks to the soundtrack to Before I Fall
I'm here because of Before I Fall. Such an amazing song and touching movie!
calming vibe, closing the eyes after a long tiring day and relex.
Shubham malviya
''no, u saved me.. ' :) thanks for the song and thanks #beforeifall
SideTrack Beatz
Sofia Martinez
Trust me back...
Sofija 2cupcakes
You may have 1000 days left, maybe 3000, maybe 10
Strawberry Artz
I love this song :)
Sujan Parajuli
That is Cool!
Sumeet Kaul
Yup me too. Before I Fall --tribute
Susanta Das
Before I Fall brought me here! It's lovely !! :)
Teach tolive
before I fall....awesome movie
Team Red Productions
my new fav artist
Thomas Gold-Dalg
bullying is never a good thing , that hurt a lot a people even yourself \nsuicide is never the good choices to stop your pain , you have to be strong to prouve to people their wrong \nbefore i fall remind me the power of kindness and what the impact that have on people are truelly suffurring .....
I just watched the movie and I teared up and got chills when she said, \
Victoria Gonzalez
Try to remember. Can you save our souls. John 3:16 For God loved the world so that he gave his one and only son. So that those that believe5 in him 5hall NOT 9ERISH but have eternal life.
Vish justified
I Better listen this awesome tune Before i Fall
Viviana Madizigne
Before I Fall brought me here, but wow this song is amazing. Why aren't there more views and likes???
Vlatko Dimoski
M*A*C*E*D*O*N*I*A \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Weird Shaped Records
fave song on this album
Yan Okimura
It was a great movie...
Zosia Szewczyk
Well this is what i call underrated. Hate popular music this days
alin stanciu
Empres of-Water,Water is great,too from Before i fall
Before I Fall brought me here
How does this not have more views
dayane venancio
essa banda e muito boa todas as musicas sao boas
enrique abella
maybe for you there's a tomorrow
The first hour of Before I Fall was boring and average. The second hour really kicked it up a notch. Great soundtrack to the film though and a fitting song right after the final shot.
i Am Legend
smoking a cigarette with this song is amazing . amazing song indeed i don't know who are the 25 idiots who dslike this amazing song
moody, like it!
Before I Fall\nI love movie and this song
I Miss You Jamie
Before I Fall 👌👍
before i fall 💞
veronica Vallejo
sub español xfis
I luv this song