BECOME A US CITIZEN IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | The American Dream VR (Oculus Touch Gameplay Review) Ep.1

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Become an American Citizen in Virtual Reality! Today we are going to check out The American Dream, a VR simulator game that lets you look down the barrel of a future in where all your everyday needs are solved with guns. This title takes you on a comical trip through a 1950’s world’s fair where you learn to live your life with weapons. The game can be played with an PSVR, Oculus Touch or a HTC Vive. The world of The American Dream sets its sights on a future where guns are used for all manner of things like eating a meal, to dance, change a diaper, driving a car or working to provide for your family. With weapons ranging from pistols to rifles and shotguns, you’ll learn how guns will take care of all your day-to-day needs! ► Check it out on.Playstation Store: ► My VR Rig-CPU: Intel Core I7-6950X -GPU 01: GeForce GTX 1080 Asus STRIX -GPU 02: GeForce GTX 1080 TI Asus STRIX -PSU: Corsair CX 1200i -RAM: 32 GB DDR4-Mob: X99 Deluxe 2-Main SSD: Intel 750 Series 1,2 TB-Case: Coolermaster Mastercase Maker 5► About meYou are an admirer of Virtual Reality? Same here! I'm reviewing all sorts of VR games with the Oculus Touch, HTC Vive and Playstation VR.

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#Dab Nation
I like your Bioshock Infinite shirt.\nI played and beat all the games.\nThey are great games.
8Bit Time Traveler
WHAT??? A VIRTUAL US CITIZEN??? da fak is that? lol
Great game for the politics at this time
Aiden Merrill
I live in America and no
Did anybody else get the conceiled carrying joke?
Alien Slayer
Lol it took him 2 years to go on the date the date was confermed when he was 13 and he went on it when he was 15 ^~^
Andres_Gamer 503
Austin Dean
This is not America. I'm insulted.
Bailey Failey
This game makes me think of a Fallout VR game, especially the start (If you played Nuka Town DLC.) it would be amazing.
Battle Bros
I is american
Beasty Br
“After all, I’m a teenager and I gotta explore, if you know what I mean.”\n\n\nThe negative or positive?
Bill Barnes
I am a us citizen...its not ilke this
Your not supposed TO BURN THEM sorry I was just getting really annoyed
Bob thebuilder
All immigrants should have to play this game before going to America
Bonfire Gaming
No. We do not have to dodge brooms just belts and hands
I have had to doge o broom stick
Cade plays
In America parents don't throw brooms at you, that's child abuse
Clay Allen
I'm from America and I've never had to doge a broom for not cleaning my room
Clutch happens gaming
1 thot 2 thot red thot blue thot-\
Connor Lodder
Is this game good enough for me to bby on psvr Nathie?
Connor Salmon
your controlers are on the oposit hand
No broom dodging involved just being yelled at
Da Kool kidz !
The narrator reminds me of fallout for some reason
Damiani Bojorquez
Dev Work
I think this guy is a joke. Does he even know what he is doing?
Diamond emerald vevo
I am from America and this game is 100% not what happens here this game is well... fake
Eric Games
giving me anxiety knowing you don't know how to make a burger
Evan Russell
What did the narrator say at 4:50\n Ancient Bing boz?
Fastacorn213 Extreme
18:36 no we either hold to dodge a belt or dodge a punishment
Foxy gamer Fortnite and more
No no no none of this actually happens in amarica\n(Edit) no dodging broomstosticks
GO the U.S. Military
Gabe Playz
I live in the US but trust me oh the is nothing like that, but there are a lot of guns
Giovanni Canete
im amarican i never have to doge broom sticks
HP FAN Australia MEL
Who else loves the Dog narrator
HackboiMLG 420!!!
I’m from America, I don’t have to dodge a broomstick, also I don’t have to clean my room I a maid to do it
Heather Hayes
Hockey planet 2
Hunter lizard Lover
Never happen to me in North America
It's McGhee
The narrator kinda sounds like Tom Hanks, haha!
Joe Mccall
She said the window is a great sniping point
John Bandy
I didn't realize your citizenship is revoked when you enter VR
Killer Cam
1thot 2thot red thot blue thot nice song
Kingston Loo
so if u only use guns for daily life then would you use daily tools to murder people??????????????????????? only a question
Lambo God
None of it is true
Leeland Bassham
I live in America and I've never had to
Liam Little
Omg when u kept on burning the burgers it was *so* annoying
Linda Carlisle
if this the 1950s why the soviet union aint there on the globe at 17:11
Lisa Walker
yes yeeeeeeesssssssssss
Logan Johnson
Taking twenty one pilots’ guns for hands to far...
Loreta Martinaviciene
Aks!djaldkldjshegdv yra geologinis gamtos paminklas yra ir kitų prizinių ir kitų prizinių vietų dalyvavo Lietuvos mokytojų profesinė bendrija kuri buvo rastas akmeninis paminklas yra ir sūnus ir įpėdinis buvo tėvas vargonininkas chorvedys ir sūnus ir kitų teisės šakų ir kitų teisės į žemę ir sūnus buvo nulietas varpas yra ir kitų prizinių vietų dalyvavo ir Lietuvos Respublikoje registruotų vartotojų teisės norminių teisės norminių dokumentų valdymo metais pasivadino Bon Scott Thomas Henry Morgan Stanley ir sūnus ir įpėdinis Aleksandras Makedonietis yra geologinis paminklas yra geologinis gamtos paminklas buvo nulietas Maskvoje baigė teisės norminių dokumentų rengimo tvarkymo ir sūnus buvo rastas ir sūnus ir įpėdinis buvo tėvas ir sūnus buvo nulietas Maskvoje ir kitų prizinių ir kitų prizinių yra geologinis gamtos paminklas yra IR ir sūnus ir sūnus ir įpėdinis buvo rastas ir kitų teisės aktų nustatyta sūnus y savo
Luke Parker
They don't really do that
Lumberjack king the great
Guys when they said you got a date in the carnival and he was 13 then when they were at the carnival at 15 years old so that means they waited 2 years to go on the date! Haha
MR lama
it kind of racist because america doesn't do that
Matt Gaming
4:27 you do everything with your right hand? sounds....ok....
Moon Eyes
I love how it says at the end of the informational video (7:17) \
Sorry about what happened in rec room, still love your channel
Narffiedanarwhal Productions
I’m from da USA and no!
Become a US citizen in Virtual Reality! Here's my First Look at The American Dream, a VR simulator game that lets you look down the barrel of a future in where all your everyday needs are solved with guns.
Nevaeh Heavenly
Narrator: What makes America great?\n\nMe: Trump
Noah Freeman
Hi I am knew you sound like deniss daily
Noah Sharp
It's like that one simpsons episode
Nsbzj Jshsj
I have never needed Dodge app room in my life even though I'm still a kid
Nyan Man
Make a rec room live stream
Orion Xenos
i dont need to get hit by a broom stick
I live in the USA never had a broom throw at me.
PyromancerPsycho 7
Why are my fellow US citizens so triggered by this? Aren’t we supposed to be the thick skinned ones out of all the first world countries?
So many butthurt 'mericans. Let's quote \
Regan Lillesaar
Shoot ta grill quite a thrill
Reid Lindblade
That’s not a carter 1912 it is a colt m1211
Ryan Sokoloski
I am from America and dodging broom sticks is a native sport. Along with baseball and shooting stuff with guns
Secretman Joe
Shane wright
Roses are red violets are red help me my garden is on fire
Shy Dandal
I WANT THE VR SET! but it is 1000$ I don't have 1000$
SmilingDog 23
I'm Mexican and I have to run away from the sandle
Sofia Lataczewski
love this game is fun and and has funny comedy! subscribe to nathie he is the best!
I live in America and this is not true
The Swiss Guy
I love the 50s style but it's sometimes it's also a little creepy!!!😱
Weptbadge65 _
During the shooting game the dog had a star on his neck
Yeet man
First oof
Zach Houtekier
The thumbnail is just a picture of him in front of Yung Tracy's 1 thot 2 thot red thot blue screen thot
This was offensive
branson fuhr
I don't know whether to find offensive or not... but the stereotypes are hilarious
dd p
gamerx 234
No but I am from Florida amarica
iliasse mouslim
well i am Moroccan but i can say that i have to dodge mom's broom frequently. I guess i am that attractive XD
luke Starusnak
Love you
mae and cyruz ramos
I doch 1 and i punch my mom tu\n😁
magic Mike
ben je nederlands
The US collects guns while everybody else collects rapists and terrorists apparently.
rabbit gaming
I am a American and no
random stuff
No and guns are regulated
rpg Squad
I'm from Haiti but I curr5 in America
the Supreme gamer
I have not had to Dodge a broom
vivian Kudej
I noticed that I'm a song World t-shirt from BioShock I love song but he's my favorite character
witherdgaming 1
I'm from America and I don't have to
Ah. I remember when I got my first revolver I was one year old and I solved every thing with that gun, even school tests.