Ark Extinction: Resource Locations! Oil, Gems, Gas, Silicone, Pearls and Metal Spawns!

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Here's a quick guide on all of the new and changed resource items and their locations for extinction.List Includes:Oil:Metal:Silicone:Red Gems:Green Gems:Sulfur:Gas Balls:Gas Bag Bladders:Pearls:Poly:Let me know if I missed anything, or if you know how to refine the silicone!Thanks for watching,-Phae

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Adam Tobroxen
You can get element dust from the light posts and some of the benches.
I am trying to make climbing picks and the fractured green gems do not work for this. Any ideas?
This game is dumb evertime I go to tame enforcers kill tames and agro
Alex Parker
Can you even use some of these resources in Extinction. When I loaded up the amp in single player it wouldn't let me learn any of the engrams from other maps that actually use these resources. (I do own all the DLCs) Which is weird. Can you learn those engrams on official or do they expect you to do to another map, learn the engrams there and then transfer back?
Alexander Olsson
Thank you bro i needed this
Andrew Smith
Metal u can get from enforcers btw kill them u get scrap metal and smelt it
Atlas Gaming
So as long as you fly around in God mode, all these are the best places.... if you actually play the game as intend... there are better places!
Basil 1428
You can harvest the lamp posts around sanctuary/city and tables for metal scraps, element dust and electronics
Could you by chance show the map location also if you do another video like this? It’s easier to find the general location imo but overall awesome vid :D!
Blake Carr
Time stamps
Bryce Grant
SiliCON not siliCONE!
Cristian Kontkorst
Shitty. Clip dude
Rare flowers, anywhere other than Beaver dams?
DON044 _
I dont think them metal and oil nodes are meant to look like that lol
Element dust and electronics from light posts in the sanctuary.
Dave Rob
Red sap
Differ Entertainment
Yo, pretty sure 6:45 in Nerokus resource video is your footage dude..
Ellery Mendenhall
There is an entrance to the Forbidden Zone near the Winter Dome towards the north side of the map. Once you get in, there are no creature spawns.
Emil Vögele
1:45 thank me later. Jesus that intro was long
Felix Måhlén
Moshchop is here
Fredy Costa
Wheres the silica
Geert Fischer
Griffin Morgan
Nice video
Gwyn zireael
Silicate is a replacement for Silica Pearls. \nCorrupted Nodules are replacement for Polymer/Organic Polymer. \nOil can albo be harvested from Enforcers. \nRed and Blue Crystalized Sap are not Sap, as far as I'm aware. They're replacements for Red and Blue Gems, you can get in Aberration. \nScrap Metal you get from harvesting Enforcers replaces regular metal, also there's a lot of regular Metal around the Sanctuary. \nThere's also a lot of Crystal around the Sanctuary, as well as few Obsidian nodes. \nA lot of Spiders around the Sanctuary as well, so acquiring Cementing Paste is easy as pie. \nFungal Wood also drops from white trees at the Wasteland. \nBlack Pearls are acquired from Gachas (if your Gacha has the option for their production), or drop from Corrupted Rexes, Corrupted Spinos and Corrupted Deathworms. There's a lot of Corrupted Spinos around the Sulfur Fields. \nYou get Electronics from the lampposts around the city, or by harvesting Enforcers. \nYou also get Element Dust the same way.
Oil can actually be found easier by defeating robots
Jahel A
Players: undermapping needs to be fixed along with ddosing.\n\nWildcard: yall hear sum?
Jake Eames
Is there a place on extinction to farm charcoal?
There's no silica pearls, silica pearls resource spawns in ark are actually oysters, there's no oceans in extinction.
Java Goblin
You can also mine oil from the Enforcers in the city. I think hatchet works
Dude oil is the easiest thing to get in the game. Just get a flyer and take out enforcers. They give you SOOOOO much oil.
Jerad Uzzell
Metal is replaced with scrap metal. Benches, light poles and so on. Found in the citys.
Jiří Cheko
Hi, I have a question about how to craft things from other DLCs in ARK EXTINCTION as well as a new player without a bump of code to unlock. Thank you for answer.
John Garvey
Beaver dams are the only perals found. One of the mech dinos can be harvested for electronics.  A grinder can get pearls from that
Jordan porter
Besides the gacha is there another way to get black pearls?
Jorge Torregrosa
So Where am I building up as alpha?
Khoa Do
I found REAL obsidian form the ICE place !
Kitty Collins
Metal ingot + silicate = electronics. Black Coloring + Silicate = black pearls. Pretty sure its meant to be used in any recipe where pearls are used.
Lord Droid
They missed the opportunity for a water titan
is there any raw salt in the map to make propellant?
How to turn the fragmented green gems into normal green gems? The fragmented ones seems useless
Mathis Brisson
For the metal go look into the desert there is a good spot with rich metal rock
Max Wolter
Mechanic The Gamer
Hey buddy, i appriciate you doing this kind of video where you cover stuff op for people. But i just figured out how to get blue gems, seems like you couldnt find it or sometihng. You actually need to be in red corrupt zone and find trees that appear to have white leaves on it if you hit it you get blue crystalized sap and thats how you make blue gems or rather replace them :)\nKepp it up ill come back to see more .
The only black pearls I found so far were from orbital drops or deathworms. Deathworms are in this red zone up north. They are easier deathworms than scorched Earth ones they're more like ice worms from Ragnarok
Niels Huus
Bro this server is trash ist sooooo unbalanced with the dino’s and the mek\nLike yesterday the Gasha just gave me a 370 damage pump! Its soooo unbalanced and the snow oil is so OP and makes pvp not fun anymore\nArk is dieing sooooo hard because of this stupid update
There is a organic polymer cave in the desert against the wall
Silicates are a replacement for silica pearls. Put into the fabricator with metal to make electronics
Oskar Stalling Guembe
Like if u have ark
Paul Goesslinghoff
If you use a chainsaw on a dead enforcer you get alot of \
Pedro Vitor
the only way to get element its the dust?
You can find black pearls from dragons and reaperkings
Randy Walker Sr.
You can find metal nodes all over just outside the city such as 38/58. Harvest a lot and use the new delivery crate to ship it to your base.
is somewhere cement on this map? or do we need to farm this with stone and chitin/keratin?
Timestamps would be nice
Ryker Whiteley
hahah good vid but I found this funny, At 6:56 you have trouble pronouncing nodule in the name but read it perfectly in the definition XD
Scott Lashlee
Meaningful positive platitude
Or just use wikipedia which makes it much faster than watching through 12 minute video? :P\nIt's ridiculous that people have to pay so much for a PC to be able to play this game in 60 fps on epic settings... I have low on all and I can run barely 50 fps.
Sergio Alberto
How can i get Electrónics? :(
whats that dino called
organic polymer from mantis in desert too
Smack Daddy
You Thanos snapped that carno.
you just saved me from hours of time
there are beaver damns in the city and they have silica pearls.
Taylor Kleinhenz
In the desert dome there's a big cave that has a ton of mantis right at the entrance. Much easier to kill than gigas and gives way more organic polymer.
The Drizzle 404
Can't find salt
The Spine Lizard ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
You can also kill enforcers to get oil.
desert cave for poly lots of mantis
TheofficialPhantom phantom
if u go into the desert cave for the artifact u can kill mantis
Thomas Andersen
You can also use the Vernosaur to farm lamp posts in the city. I´ve only tried it on unofficial with high rates, but you seem to get abit more than when using hatchet or pick.
Tray Tray
Not sure , but maybe irrigation system from oil lake ?
What about blue gems or did I miss that?
Found a crap ton of metal at the lake underground at around 54/42, by the waterfall. Don’t have to fight off corrupted wyverns to get it.
Typhon Plume
destory benches and other things in the city you can get scrap metal which can be turned in to metal ingots (of a sort) when refined in a forge with oil.
I'm getting blue sap crystals from Gachas, but where else is it on the map?
Who Cares
Oil: 1:48 \nSap/Red Gem: 3:11\nSilicate: 3:55\nMetal/Obsidian: 5:03\nPolymer: 6:40\nGas Bag Bladder: 8:06\nPaste: 8:40\nSulfur/Gas Balls: 9:19\nGreen Gem: 10:18\nFungal Wood: 10:42
Gatch can make Pearl's both of them
lol, looking for oil at 3 & 42, got killed by a level 110 corrupted Wyvern. I got my equipment back but not much oil.
for CP craft it. stone is everywhere. and going to the desert cave one good time with a sloth (avoid the elementals) and just slaughter bugs and get chiten out the wazoo. craft it! than you can get obsidian fairly easly from the red area up north and fabricate polymer.
Chainsaw For the sap!\\
megrystno _
Where is pearls?????
open season115
Nice bro
For oil it is much quicker to just kill robots in the center city.
where you can find rock drake eggs y wyvern eggs?
x Nisivoccia
The light poles in the city give you electronics if you use a hatchet