HUGE BACKFIRE! ‘WalkAway’ Movement EXPLODES After Dems WICKED Plot Against Kavanaugh Collapses

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The Democratic Party has been hijacked by Soros.
They need to shut down those rabble rousers and their rallies down now. . They are escalating and planning to do evil against America, DC and republicans. . get the rabble rousers out of WDC now; get them out of govt.
Good! I hope the left is destroyed once and for all.
While the republicans are not perfect and they certainly have their policy flaws... The democrats are completely un-fuQing-hinged from reality.
Alison Thomas
Democrats will never be believed again
AmericanWoman TrumpTrain
What the demon rats have done has really backfired on them! Watch the map turn red 🇺🇸
Andrea Vlasis
Honestly I could never understand anyone who votes for a DEMOCRAT. I have always been Republican.or a CONSERVATIVE
Aneshia Dixon
Remember remember we go RED in November! MAGA BABAAAAAAY
Antonio Venegas
I just registered to vote because of all this. I can't wait to be part of the RED WAVE!
Arlene Iarossi
thank you walk away movement
I LOVE the fact, ppl are seeing the manipulation and evil actions of the DemoKKKrats! Welcome home Americans, to Truth!
Becky Jaden
I have seeing people so angry after the hearing fiasco/circus of the dems., that last friday 4 of my friends change and register reps. to vote for TRump's picks in the states they live for Nov. they say the hearing was a turning point for them.
Ben Cook
Eyes are opening wide. It will be millions before the 2020 election!
Just think of how many of our hard earned tax dollars was wasted by the Democrats with this stunt...SHAME
Bulla Schonken
Amen and amen
Charles Malchow
Dems are doomed... run don't walk away...
Conservative Catwoman
Dont walk away - run like hell!
Constant Chinner
Walk away from the deranged DEMOFASCIOPATHS!
This is such great news that people are finally realizing how these left wingers actually operate \nRED WAVE\nTRUMP 2020\nAMERICAN FREEDOM FOREVER
Deborah Rogowski
We really need to pray for the leftists. Never seen anything like this. Demons are manifesting through these people. This is surreal!
Dennis Anderson
Thank you democrats for teaching the master class of \
Deplorable Dan
Don't worry there will always be some stupid a$$es that can't think for themselves.
Deplorable Rob
I love watching the dems constantly whine and fail, what a time in my life to have such a great (the greatest) president in office!🇺🇸
Dr. Mark in Texas
Ooops\nPlay stupid games, win stupid prizes. 😭
Frk K
TERM LIMITS. We need them. Max two terms then after one term out of office can run for another two terms and that is it. The career politicians like Pelosi etc are not there to help the country but to line their own pockets.
Garrett Ryan
Greg Smith
I walked away years ago !
J Norfleet
Picking up hitchhikers (beep beep)
James Poff
No weapon formed against them shall prosper... Good words from a good book Isaiah 54:17 and I'm not even Christine but I do respect you people!
James Wheat
Good for this guy! 🇺🇸
Jason Jackson
I guess having a donkey/jackass as the logo for Democrats is most appropriate & pretty prophetic
Jeffrey Goodin
ppl are finally seeing the light...Thank God!!!!
Jennifer Ess
My sister who has been a lifelong Democrat went and registered as a republican yesterday... Lord I hope the arguments are over with her could not be happier
Jennifer Griffin
The DNC deserves everything that is coming. The devil is using them to destroy the country and Trump is trying to stop them.
Jersey Paul
I am an independent voter, and the Democrats really turned me off with their guilty until proven innocent scam.
Jill Barlow
These things can be so hard to do, but this just shows if we stand our ground we can defeat any enemy!
Jimmy Cain
One thing we can all be 100% sure of is God is 100% against abortion. That’s why the Democrats are doomed to failure. That’s why Trump won an election that was rigged against him.
Jody Ramos
I stopped being a Democrat in the past couple of weeks
Joe Madsen
Yup democrats are there own worst enemy. Killing themselves 👍 TRUMP 2020
John Ganshow
Walk away from mental illness, makes sense to me...
Joshua Elvis
Just need to keep this momentum, don't fall off after mid terms or after Kav confirmation
Kakarotto Boom
Well, when they keep blaming the \
Karl Welin
Can You imagine the danger Brandon is in? The vile evil would love nothing more than to end this movement.
Keith Watts
Krita Kareem
Don't get complacent. GO VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!!!
Kurt Kieffer
Thank God these people are figuring out just how dishonest and totally Corrupt the Democrats are!
Larry Kraut
This feinstein led fiasco was about as successful as the one her, pelosi, and waters led when they were young female activists. That great idea was called PROHIBITION! How did that one turn out?\nAnd these idiot female and semimale democrats keep on talking about making history by voting for a woman president! No consideration of what they are as long as they're female!\nThank God we have so many women voters that don't go along with that idiotic\nmindset! Can you imagine the shape we would be in now if clinton had gotten elected!
Linda Brawley
This is fantastic news. \nMAGA 🇺🇸
Luke Bouvia
R.I.P Democrat party 1800?-2016
Major Major
Far left and mainstream media one in the same.
Mama Ames
FYI Gary... Brandon's last name is pronounced \
Marta Robles
Vote these career politicians out, they don't listen to the people, they stopped working for us, they work for themselves now. get rid of them quit being their slaves.
Mary C
Sad to say that we really only have 2 choices here in America, with the Republicans (who are far from perfect) being the lesser of the two evils.
Mary LG
Mary Williams
Michael .Wise
Let's all give the BIG RED FINGER to the blue wave!!!
Mike Watkins
I have been telling anyone that brings up politics about all of this stuff. For the first time ever. And voting in the midterms for first time in memory. This thing is real.
Normal American Dude
That’s great 😃
Pam Mills
This is great to hear, that people are finally opening up their eyes and seeing the truth.
Patrick Simpson
Outstanding, after this madness they just pulled against Judge Kavenaugh they shouldn't have any supporters left
Political Correctness Offends me
I wonder if the Democrats will ever figure out that they are their own worst enemies. It seems they are just too full of themselves to get that.
I have a new party for remaining Democrats...The back to HELL Party!
The Democrats need a political exorcism....that means people are seeing how evil the party has become. Wake up or let the democrats steal your rights.
Robert William
We need a Trump here in Canada.
Rocket Queen
Roselyn Caro
Me too ! Walk Away.!!
Russell Starner
Wonderful to see that the DAMNATIONCRATS getting destroyed. Wonderful new DAMN the Democrats.
Saul Ruiz
red wave baby
Scott Jeffrey
The thing is, Trump is winning all the time just like he said he would but the inverse of that is that the Democrats are losing all the time. That means they will probably get more dangerous. Keep your powder dry and be on the lookout.
Smurfette CS
God heard our prayers .. Kavanaug worn by 2 votes.. This is sad that Democrat would not vote yes.. themselves will be voted out..
Stephanie Lamberson
Demons are working through the liberal progressives. Normal people do not act the way they do, and recognize evil. Run away from the democrat socialist party, don't walk, run.
Sunshine Baker
That description of the woman in her 70's walking away from the democrats is ME---I was raised democrat, voted democrat , campaigned for democrats but during Obama's 2nd term the lies started surfacing and then Hillary started her run, the lies, dirty politics and I actually believe murders in her path along with Bengahzi and the uranium deal make me WALK AWAY---the democratic party is NOT the party it once was when HST was President and I am ashamed I was ever a part of it. What I have seen since Trump was elected has been pure hell from them. NEVER AGAIN.
Susan Raezer
Nationalist vs Globalist. It is so obvious.
Democrats will rethink everything in 2021.
The Arachnofiles Basement
That party is disgraceful
The Next News Network
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The Oldhag
All good things , come to those who wait...
TheTruthShall SetYouFree
Red Wave just got ten feet higher!
Tim P
Once a Dem neva AGAIN!!!!! I Walked away, all of my friends did too!!!!!
Tony D
God keeps things balanced. Good defeats evil. EVERY TIME!!!
Troy Bradshaw
Called it two days ago and I was not alone! Millions of Americans called it! At that’s what these manipulators really need to fear....
Truth Hunter
I must apologize to all the real victims of rape so others that truly get raped are believed so that the attackers are prosecute and put in prison \nTrump 2020. God loves you all
Wheelman Josh
The Democrats are clearly disavowing any kind of accepted good behavior and engaging in immoral acts that they don't care about perpetrating if it gets them what they want in the end, Power! They will pay because of their callousness and anti-American/anti-Constitution ways.
William Stearns
Every time the Democrats open their mouths several thousand people wake up from the matrix and take the red pill.
YouTube N' Chill
I know most of the people in this comment section are conservative. However if you are a liberal and are thinking about walking away from the Democratic Party but aren’t sure about the Republican Party. Vote for a libertarian or other independent nominees. But please whatever you do, do not vote Democrat. They are eating the life and soul out of our country and I’m sick and tired of it. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!
anth1984 tre
The chickens have come home to roost as obumers pastor would say..😆😂🤣
Make America great again . Love from IRELAND . GOD BLESS TRUMP & THE AMERICAN PEOPLE .
casperpffp pobob
Whoa. Is that a freeze frame of Nancy's face melting off her skull? Oh, wait. She normally looks like that. Never mind.
e gutierrez
Fyi guys and gals, this doesn't mean the next election will be a red wave. We'll need to get out a vote. Now more than ever. Don't be complacent on perceived good news. Vote!!!
mason yahn
Great, we the people are happy people are waking up very fast after the liberal DEM left show their real colors !!!
neville sukul
The Democrats are all talk and no actions. We all should humbly respect achievements. The Democrats goals are to make America POOR AGAIN by deceptions, false news. They are a Negative and dishonest set of people while Mr. Trump's only motto is to make America the greatest again - he sees all Americans as Americans One nation under One Flag. What he has achieved in one year is more than any other President in the history of America. In order to see the beauty of a painting, you have to look at it from a distance but up close it looks like blotches of colours and lines. The point of reference to a painting is that I am standing afar (I am a Canadian) following closely the corruptions and hatred of the Democratic Party against a Democratically elected President to push him out of office by falsely accusing him of wrongdoings and ignoring the magical transformation of America's achievements by President Trump. What seems baffling to me are the forces at play that makes Americans so blind that they are unable to recognize a good man who is putting his life on the line for them. Remember, negativity follows negativity, hatred follows hatred and love follows love. He is working for all Americans FREE - he donates his full salary to charitable organizations. What is it that the Democrats are saying that is blinding you from the truth. The Democrats were the sole owners of 4,000,000 black slaves and refused to give them their freedom and this led America to Civil War under President Abraham Lincoln. To this day they still have the slave mentality only concern with their greedy selves steeling and filling their pockets with Billions and selling Americans out to their enemies' countries. The Democrats run a secret organization that sexually abuse little children - both boys and girls (sickening bunch). All Americans who are against President Trump spend some time listening to him with an honest and open mind.
Top Dems now saying that Kavanaugh being voted in could bring in lawlessness. Any lawlessness is coming from their camp, its what they've turned into and Smart Americans don't like what they are seeing. No one paying attention could vote Democrat again. God bless those who are coming over from the dark side and into the light.
roselyn rajoo
Chuck Grassley called the Democrats are Monsterous & Bullies.He's right. Goodnews! Liberal women are going to suffer the most after the Democrats lost.
takiyah Israel
I didn't vote in this last election,\n At the same time I have a walk away story I used to be a Democrat, but after seeing how CNN treated Donald Trump so unfair, during his campaign,\n then mad Maxine telling people to harass Republicans, Then after what they did to judge Cavanaugh and his family for power, I'm ashamed to tell anyone I used to be a Democrat that's my walk away story,
tiny c
Yes, make America great again!!