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Agenda 2030 Agenda 21 CCA California Community Choice Aggregation Edison Electricity Energy Fossil Fuels Gasoline JPA LACCE

American Paisa
Great work ladies and gentleman. Keep it up.
American pirate
There should never be 1 group of assholes that are aloud to vote on things like this without informing the citizens of it and when it's taking place
Ana Miller
You go! Awake California from their sleep walking. The citizens need to replace all of their governmental members. That state is totally corrupt.
Andrew Perrott
Keep up the excellent work, the world NEEDS more people like you.
Anthony Walski
Knowledge is power they always try to deceive us. Thank you whoever posted this video. It's the only one I've watched today that wasn't total B.S.
Big Dog Trump Supporter
We Are Not In Favor Of Agenda 21 Here In CT!!!! I'm One Of The Ones Who Are Dead Sent Against It!!!!
Brent Mcfadden
NWO! Degeneration, degenderation, de-education, dehumanizations, through immunization, vaccination,fluoridation,indoctrination, all controlled by ??? All these fcks in UN local council members(town councilor's) city, towns, states! Bottom line they are going to tax the hell out of you to facilitate mass murder!
Remember the man that invented an electrical device that created electricity using the ocean tides. Dead the day it was to be released. There are dozens of better plans then what we are using. Look up localized sustainability. Agenda 21 at a localized level . Majority of incorporated cities already signed onto it. Look up Santa Cruz council woman found guilty of treason. Fossil fuels is a phony statement. The earth creates crude, natural gas,etc..
C N9
I found it VERY interesting in how they somehow zapped ONLY PARTICULAR parts of houses and yards and CLAIMED IT WAS A “WIDESPREAD FIRE”... while a patch of grass stood right next to a burned patch... where even a steel part to a car was melted, using a fire like was burning for days and days, during 9/11... when our very own govt burned the world trade center bldg’s using THERMITE!!!!!!!!!!!!\n\nHOW IRONIC, eh?\n\nAnd what with those DANGEROUS BOXES that they made Californian’s buy and have on their homes?????
Cheryl Ling 傅璟玲
you go man
Christopher Godbold
well said thanks for standing up and telling the truth
Colette Lane
Energy conservation can be accomplished if done in the right way, using the proper technology. However the public should not be left out on the decision making process. Great video, thank you for stepping up to the plate. We the people for the people! 👍
Creflo Dollar
way to go my friend, high five to you.... now if we can only figure out why they legalized child prostitution. not prostitution, child prostitution. way to go jerry brown
good job
Excellent video, take them down!
Dawnella FyFe
Deb Rasche
I wish someone could do something about the 5G system that is being installed Its all about depopulation control
Dogs Sing
Only very wealthy government banned energy companies benefit while small companies and the taxpayer lose. Once again, just follow the money to see the treasonous extent of this SCAM.
Dr. Tamara Worley
The government are not mentally ill they are deamonized weaponized deamons that work for satan. Wake up and anyone who is male and not wearing a dress needs to bear arms round up the 10 percent all over the globe that are illuminati and have these parasites placed on a hurdle, dragged to a site in front of the people of every state and then drawn and quarter them! Then their head, hands and privy parts cut off placed on spikes around every city for all other future traitors to view. I am a doctor not a revolutionary , but I no longer am young, further I am female, where are our men! Why haven't we gone to war? We have lost the US due to u idiots that are liberal, we tried to get these people who are not human who are the fallen nephillem out of office. You were too stupid to even know past US history to know or understand over the past 100 years that a country with out God, is taken over quickly. You have gotten what you deserve those of you of the FLESH, thanks for destroying the greatest Godly country ever built! Dr. Tamara worley
Durp Mullard
When a government agent acts in a fraudulent manner chances are its fraud. time to nail these people to the wall. fraud is treason plain and simple.
Ed Deetz
Legalize hemp nation wide and use it as hempanol. It burns 90 % cleaner than diesel, produces great food protein, fibre and supports farmers not big oil. Cleans the air, water and soil. All run generators that use co2 capture growing algae. Buildings become selfsupporting with zero waste streams and sell electricity, heat, food, fish, fuel and fertilizer. See Enneyses Co France using Origin Clear Inc LA license and technology. Virginia farmers gross $5,000.00 per acre..3 crops, 1 harvest. 25,000 uses.
Eliza Raffles
Thank you so much Grindall61 for never giving up on this stuff. You are a hero! These assholes are directly or indirectly behind all the CA fires with this Agenda 21/2030 plan. I cannot believe this stuff. They are so evil. I'm not surprised. State leadership need psychological tests physical and mental to determine if they are narcissists or psychopaths. If so, then they should not be allowed any positions of power whatsoever.
FlatEarth FederationResearch
Yeah ban electric, that makes sense. So Nikola Tesla enlightens a few who enlighten more that you can have free energy.....and the government bans it hmmmm of course.
Frank Keller
Nothing more than a corporate con. Free energy from the sun and wind but won't allow you a wind turbine on your house or land...??? The rate prices will be put up not down that's a fact. Sign up pay more for less.
The man made climate change fanatics teamed up with the green energy fraudsters has spawned the modern day snake oil salesman and you sir did an AWESOME job showing that.
Georgia Henderson
It is so good to see your hard work and dedication in fighting the corrupt Globalists Agendas bear fruit.
Geraldine Gallegos
It’s not the illegal immigrants,destroying the Country,it’s the crooked Democrat communists,when are people going to understand this !!!!!
Salient, short, succinct, clear enough to me. I am sick of the polyester bobbing heads-like with 5G also!!! Forced onto everyone, giving cancer to everyone...
Glenn Benedict
Great speach Geary ! Real good speach !
Gypsy Willows
Nice work :)
and more strange cali fires mmmmm??
HR Pickinstuff
That's a good city council board. Whenever you give unelected bureaucrats power they screw you over. This was a scam from day one.
Heidi Hoglan
There is NO WAY that these government people and every citizen that follows them are not mentally ill.
Hiram Abiff From Sirius
Cannabis is 100% renewable. It's carbon negative. Heals the soil of radiation. Best source of human nutrition, oils, medicine, clothes. Believe me when I say Cannabis is our future. \n\n\nYou want more? See my channel, I got lots more.
In Vino Veritas
Can somebody translate what that Chinese guy is saying ? His Mandarin accent is so strong,i couldnt understand at all the words coming out of his mouth !!!!
Jake Hammer
Put a suit on crook and you have a politician. Put a T-shirt and shorts on a drug dealer and you have a drug dealer. Does that even make sense?🤓☝🏼
Joe Blow
José Rivera
Very good news
Electricity can be generated with renewable sources, but most of the people who have developed such technology wind up discredited by gov. disinfo agents, threatened by the utility companies, or mysteriously die shortly after filing their patent or revealing their research.
Loretta Sanchez
You are an awesome warrior Grindal!
They want to use collection stations and transference systems from space. Its very dangerous and the people are not being given correct information. Curiously one of these enormous fires started in the exact location they want one of these collection stations, but to build it they had to burn the people out of their homes. Now they will swoop in and try to buy up the land they need while the homeowners are in shock and desperate.
Think about it. Venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves and the second largest gold reserves. Bring down a country to the point of the people begging for help and you control them. Hegalian Dialectic.
Nelson West
Grindall the giant killer.. Thank you for your bravery.!! Spreading the word !!! True Patriot.
Nicolas Shane
At 4:11 Gary nails it!! Please listen to the whole entire audio clip. \n\nGrindal you got my vote for President !!! You can do it !!
Parks Family
Ban electricity and gas. Good luck!!!
Paul Smith
More corruption, what a surprise.
This is great but in the comments, I did not see anyone stating that Trump is fighting against the NWO. Whether you like Trump or not, please see that he is fighting against the NWO. The politicians that have sold us out the majority are Dems and a few Reps. So, people, know who you are voting for and I want to know their religion.
Phoenix BirdMan
So you like fracking and wars over oil??
Red Pill News Rant w/ Deplorable Todd
Great job!!
Ricardo Castaneda
We have bigger problem than immigration. The real enemy are the elites..
Robert Marlin
I stopped watching after about 2min, I disagree with this person in the video, no more fossil fuel, no more coal, we can and will run on renewable fuel, or this planet will die.
Rosemary Heim
You probably don't have time to answer this but, do you think these new energy technologies have anything to do with fires?
SJ Double Jew
We're gonna win
Sarah Bentley
Shawna Schneider
Great job Gray!!! You need to run for a position like Senate or Congress!!! YOU are a Warrior with ❤️️ For the people!!!
I ❤️ Your Videos .... Stay safe....You are dealing with a bunch of Luciferian satanic monsters from hell... I pray for you and the normal people in your state.... We all are fighting the Evil Serpents ... but you all have it worse
Stephanie Civic
Steve W
Rate Levels \
Stuart Crossland
The Jews are smart,devious and very wealthy and they control your government.They are the enemy within.
Thank you grindall and all the other people who are trying to expose these monsters.
CA. NEVER take your eyes off your enemies because you have Deceivers in your state with transformation on their dishonest minds...
The Back Channel
My company Scipio Biofuels Inc. has the technology capable of economically viable production of algae in industrial quantities for Biofuels and/or generating green power matching current retail prices, give or take a couple of percentage points.\n\nGovernor Brown's office most definitely IS fully aware that we have the technical capacity to cash the green energy checks written by the Governor's mouth. I have spoken by phone with the people who work for him on multiple occasions. \n\nYet, when approached by myself intending to apply for one of the many promised (over and over again) renewable energy grants to enable me to conduct a productivity certification test via the requisite third party, which is the only real hurdle between today and activating agreements with investors to fund the construction of the first pilot production facility, after which the capital for multiple full scale production facilities was to be assured.\n \nIt is unfortunate that Governor Brown is far more concerned with how many illegal aliens he can help fight deportation assisted by Attorneys who are being paid a total of $50 Million dollars per year to illegally do so by California taxpayers...but the State (exactly like the Obama administration) when a life long California resident and American citizen who Governor Brown made a promise to help, so that I could deliver the \nnecessary technological innovations so that he could stop breaking the renewable energy laws that Gov. Brown himself had demanded be enacted, we could have created a lot of great jobs, and consumed unfathomable quantities of Carbon Dioxide and \
The Truth Shall Set You Free
BO care is analogous to Agenda 21
Thomas Press
Wenn ich sehe, wie immer mehr Menschen diese geisteskranken Pläne der Eliten erkennen und sich dagegen wehren, dann schäme ich mich umso mehr für die kadavergehorsamen kleinen Helfer der BRD-NGO, die brav all diese Verbrechen am eigenen Volk zulassen und weiterhin brav für Verantwortlichen auf das leidende Volk eintreten.
Thorny Dig8
Finally, representatives of the people, looking out for those who they represent.
Tum Tum
California politicians don't even speak English... Wtf\nDo you really think they care about you and our country? Come on people use common sense...
William Mclafferty
I said No No No !!!!!!!
So crazy. We got a letter not long ago from \
aj l
it takes up 20 to 25 years to make an actual profit on wind farm power.
Look at these stinking commies sitting in front of their pirate gold fringed flags.They need tarring feathering then hanging; with no exceptions!
Sacramento satantic child sacrificing pedaphiles , look at them. Eating human flesh makes them nuts
watching this a second time and more\nrelevant since I recently was surprised to find a month ago i was opted in automatically in San Mateo county for the so called “eco energy” generation. I was auto opted in for months without my knowledge, I have gone on my pge consumer website and opted out the minute I found this, it also cost me additional money in my bill to receive this no-choice eco energy!
Our national hero is here president Trump will fix this corruption agenda 21 should have never even been thought of
LOL .. Green Power !!! Such a snake oil sale here
Good job on being prepared and measured. Much more appealing to reason then all the yelling. I'm going Friday to oppose the mileage fees.
Good! The problem of course is that they keep pushing over and over and over on every front, the battle never ends.
Last year there was a bill in Sacramento called SB100. SB100 would force all of Calfornia onto 100% renewable energy by 2045. Now renewable energy is one of those buzz words that is suppose to make you feel warm and fuzzy because your supposedly doing something good for the Earth. But this bill didn't pass, however it is being brought up in the next session. This bill which many would think is a no-brainer didn't pass because it's a scam.\n\nI think people need to wake up and realize what it means to have 100% renewable energy 27 years from now. Gasoline and electricity are not renewable energy so that means that California intends to ban all gasoline and electricity. That's right they are actually trying to ban gasoline and electricity in our state. The people running our state are seriously mentally ill and they are doing everything they can to turn our once great state into Venezuela.\n\nThat is why every city is now getting the Community Choice Aggregation pitch because the government is now getting into the energy business because through CCA government is going to make sure we ban electricity state wide. As it stands right now, renewable energy cannot sustain itself without electricity backup systems but the folks in the insane asylum are trying to pass laws as we speak making sure that we don't have those back-up systems in the future. That's the first huge problem with CCA is it's going to allow the state to carry out this agenda.\n\nMy next big problem with CCA is it is leading to the formation of new JPA's throughout the state. Without getting into a bunch of legalese, a JPA or joint powers authority is the joining of smaller bodies into a larger body, essentially it is consolidating power into fewer hands. You know I thought the liberals in California were against the evil 1% and too much power in the hands of the \nfew yet that's all we see going on in this state is power consolidation.\n\nThe JPA is a new bureaucracy that we don't currently have so that means more government, more government employees, more vacation packages, and most importantly more pensions.\n\nThe worst thing about this JPA nonsense is that there will be a board of governors and those governors will be our locally elected officials. If West Covina decides to join this JPA that means one of our councilman will be voting on that board. You were not elected to manage energy policy for dozens of cities throughout the county. You were elected to serve the residents of West Covina. There will be many cities represented on this JPA and you know what means.\n\nThat means people who you have never heard of, who you have no ability to vote out of office will be setting our energy rates. You know what that reminds me of? That reminds me of district voting where you guys can now screw with my life and I have no power to vote 4 of you out of office. That's going to happen with our energy bills if this city council decides to go along with this. None of you are experts in energy policy yet when you sit on that JPA you will be masquerading as an expert on the topic and that is why our government is so screwed up. People who have no business being in charge are always the ones making the big decisions. \n\nThe last thing I want to say is they are saying we have a choice. It's a choice but we are going to be automatically opted in and the only way we can get out is if we know that this is going on. If this was such a good program we would have the choice to opt ourselves in if we thought it was a good fit but they have to forcibly opt us in because if they don't the CCA never gets off the ground and the whole thing collapses upon itself. It's like the old saying... Socialism ideas so good that they have to be mandatory. \n\nFollow my other social media platforms:\n\nBitchute:\nMinds:\nTwitter:\nFacebook:\n\nOther youtube channels to watch (people I know/work with) \n\nArthur Christopher Schaper: \nWe the People Rising: \nFullerton Informer: \nPatriot Fire: \nNeverlosetruth:\nAmerican Children First:\nAmerican Children First Website:
heather rice
Look up california in the united nations. The only state to agree to international communism. Nwo. You are being sold out! Look at your own government then u.n. sustainable development.
james williams
This reminds me of the \
kevin the truck driver
I'm not from California. So I really don't give a 💩 about that state. One day, the people in that state will stand up & throw out these Liberal fools. Unfortunately, it won't be white people who will throw these bums out.
lisa zabriskie
You are a \
steve smith
I hate when government officials pass unrealistic goals in the distant future without considering how it will be implemented and other implications. The reality of it is you need to pick smaller incremental goals that can be implemented on a 1 year and 5 year basis and see how it goes. Over time they can make adjustments. I am all for protecting the environment as long as it has practical measures. Clinton, Al Gore and Obama are my favorite hypocrites. Do you think any of their family members ride bicycles or take public transit to work, as well adjust the heat and air conditional levels in an effort to 'protect the environment'. Not a chance, they all own multiple homes with a footprint MUCH larger than needed.
Fantastic Speech!