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UN Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 21) require a 90% purge. The ONLY alternative is the Distinti solution , see:

Agenda 21 Distinti Extermination

There might be a solution, but it requires cooperation, discipline and sacrifice. Its called “The Venus Project”, brainchild of a man called Jaques Fresco. The concept is driven by a so called Resource based Economy. The thing is, Utopia is possible, it is mainly the elite, the military industrial complex and the religious institutions that will never allow it. Because that would mean they have to release their power and individual wealth. Yet, building such a society, could mean we ALL get the very best of everything, while saving the planet. Too bad it will never happen, those in power would much rather exterminate us and stay in charge.
A Commenter
If only people followed Tesla’s plan of harvesting energy from inside the earth. That would have supplied the population with an infinite amount of energy. Also I am not worried about a human over population. The reason is people need to have 3 or more kids to keep the population growing. Having 3 or more kids is going extinct because it is too expansive to have kids. The average of having less then 2 kids will make a decline in population because you need at least 2 to have a steady population. In addition to having the Tesla energy harvesting, we would also need the Alexander radio model. This model takes energy and puts it into counter space, and then transfers that energy into another counter space, thus making instantaneous energy transfer. That would solve the problem of EMF radiation.
Aaron Lee
- that’s just a nice way for them to nicely present the strategy of “wipe out half of civilization” in a coded context
Angel Fluff
This guy is paid from the Elites/Globalist!\nStop killing our people!\nAnd, trying to justify your BS.!
Barney Rubble
No doubt TPTB will get this pulled off on schedule. They always seem to. They already have enough crap in our soil, water and air that we are poisoned everyday. Geoengineering, burn us up or freeze us out, dump chemtrail crap on our heads everyday, they don't care which way or whatever it takes. The end always justifies the means with these bastards.
Barry Campion
You think the floods and hurricanes are natural,Man made I'm afraid, put you in fema camps and then they put you in the ground, check agenda 21 it's still the priority
Flake alert, flake alert, flake alert.
Environmentalism is just a mix of Communism and Nature-Worship. It's all an excuse to justify totalitarianism and genocide.
Bo Guss
When the oil runs out.... I've been hearing that for 50 years... especially back in the 70s. Stick with what you know... physics.
Brian Girard
there better not be any drilling or mining done, if we give up all that land, 95% of the country and all the people that will lose their homes, there better not be fracking, drilling, mining, the land better go back to nature and wildlife
do you really think it is acceptable to be poisoning our air through geoengineering which also contaminating the soil and Water Supplies in order to fulfill their depopulation agenda? we have a sun simulator, GMO Foods, vaccines that destroy the immune system and government agencies that are supposed to protect us that turn a blind eye to all that is going on. how many people actually look up into the sky anymore and see that it is not right?? Our trees are dying right in front of our faces as well as our bees insects animals and the list goes on. so in order to achieve their goals of sustainable development they are going to kill off nature first?? Why don't these big proponent of depopulation like Bill Gates and Ted Turner and Warren Buffett start with depopulating themselves and their families?
I attending a METIS NATION OF ALBERTA information meeting April 19, 2017 to learn about alternative energy to get off the grid. When I arrived I was given the actual name of itis & was MNA CLIMATE CHANGE WORKSHOP! I was angry but I attended. It was METIS pushing UN AGENDA 21/30 on unsuspecting METIS AUDIENCE! Their experts were very misinformed on the information they were pushing on us accept 1 \
Casy Leer
Now think about this depopulation event, Then think centuries, Then think Flat Earth, What's that tell you, For centuries our so called leaders have been allowing the fallen and cult's to murder the population's of Earth, They have been murdering our ancestors for centuries, Think about this for a while, People in control over the centuries allow the murders of their population.... We should be fighting back, If this Truth got out the depopulation event will advance to world war 3 in a snap of a finger, As of rite now they are killing us slowly, But if the truth got out they'd be forced to call in fake war's to draft in the population and murder them, Or they'd just go all out and use viruses to end the population as has been done in the past for centuries, Black plague, and more....
Charles Foster
Best part of the video:. Fatass wanting attn from electrical engineer.\nWorst part: support for Agenda 21/genocide due to rejection of Torah/Mt7:23 lawlessness which has already caused great judgement from our Creator upon those who knew they were chosen to be His ambassadors to mankind.\n\nThe good news: even well adjusted cat loving (requires emotional maturity) engineers (requires didactic, deductive and intellectual discipline) are nowhere close to being able to second guess our Creator and His perfection as far as sustaining the very things that He loves, which He created by the power of the words He spoke! \n\nThe bad news: YHWH Eloheinu is not a dictator...but rather, the Source and Arbiter of Truth, who will grant even the desire of His creation to be separated from Him. 1/3rd of the angels proved this very well, but there are those who failed to gain insight from that reality who will share in their separation from our mutual Creator and His initial plans for their creation: to share the blessing of His Kingdom with Him forever. \n\nChoose wisely, my friend.\n\nDt28--Rev14:12 \n\nShalom bshem Yeshua HaMashiach tsidkenu †
Chimp Chowder
Now it makes sense. These are the \
Chris Quintana
your figure of 400million people in europe in 1900 is misleading, its 436 million in the BRITISH EMPIRE in 1900, which includes ALL OF INDIA (336 million on its own), among other non-UK localities. do you agree?
Chris V
Georgia Guidstones claim maintain a population under 500 million
Cindy WH-Witter
The planning for this dates back to the formation of the Federal Reserve.
Colleen Whitlock
They have zero love of nature. Its all greed and power trips. Pure evil!!!!
Commie KillerMG42
I am a naturalist myself i can honestly tell you that valuing and respecting nature and its forces is no way satanic or a part of the NWO but these people are completely genocidal maniacs.
It is Agenda 21 repackaged as Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, etc., etc.... they have made the names sound so nice and right that most people buy into it without getting the clue that something very sinister sticks behind it. Watch this message \
DALE thebelldiver
Ps I don’t expect a single person to agree with my discovered ELHFED technology. Today’s societies are already conditioned to reject logic and assemble questions to solve anything but the basics of life. \n\nI’m surprised more Engineers aren asking for proof or examples of my claims of all ready in use technology designed to depopulate the earth.
Undermining Nations!!!!!!
White Gentiles are only Ten percent if the earth ..So they wanna kill everyone else .. the fact that the world let these people live who make plans against GOD's people puzzles me.
Lol @ that cat
Daemon Nice
The simplest and in my opinion the most elegant method of population reduction is to simply raise the standard of living and education for all as many studies have shown that doing so can dramatically cut population growth. Of course, doing so will have a profound effect on the distribution of power within our societies as it would be far more equitable than it is now. It would also mean placing the profit motive lower on a list of priorities. This is sustainable especially with the advent of AI and robotics and a resource economy. It does not require the banning of oil, coal etc, for in the long run, by investing in education we are as a species taking advantage of our greatest resource-the human mind and its ingenuity. As long as society runs on the profit motive this will never be so. As long as people only think about themselves and getting ahead for themselves, this will never be so. As long as there is the extreme wealth disparity that there is, this will never be so.
Dana Ashlie
LoL just like a cat. LOL Great presentation. Thank you
Dave Scruton
This doesn't take in account most population is close to the water, fish are on the decline, we cannot keep up the current consumption of sea life or we will eventually destroy that source.
David Johnson
You are not considering alternative energy, such as Tesla's discovery of harnessable energy in the atmosphere. You are also not considering the option of not having luxurious, for instance the omish don't use electricity or cars.\nYou are also not considering the current population decline. For example, in order to grow the population of the earth, every couple who procreate, need to have 3 children. 2 to replace themselves and 1 to add to the population. In Western Civilization that is not happening. So the population is actually in decline.\nOne more point. You have not considered the GOD factor. Which is this. GOD created everything and everyone and is sovereign over all. GOD'S will be done, not our will. Further more. There is no option of leaving earth to inhabit other planets. A better goal in my opinion would be to localize crops for consumption and eliminate the need for shipping. Also free sustainable electricity for all is a possibility just not a reality. If you calculate even one of these facts into your equation. It would change the outcome.
Dee Man
Look up Georgia guidestones!!!
Denim Lowe
UN Agenda 21 is a conspiracy of evil. No theory about it. It's a fact. Vaccines, GMOs, pesticides, chem trails, EMF/EMR, legal drugs, abortion on demand, decreasing fertility with various chemicals.....all designed to shorten life spans and decrease reproduction. It's been going on for all of my life and I'm 61.
Dianne Sullivan
We haven't needed oil for a long time. They are hiding free energy technology from us. They are hiding lots of advanced tech from us.
Dobie Dad
According to what is written in Stone, on the Georgia Guide Stone, their declared population target is a total world population of 500 Million. So they plan to kill & starve several Billion people worldwide to get our population reduced to that level.\n The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Monsanto are they key players and have had an Eugenics Program for a very long time. Bill's own father's entire career was in Eugenics. Do your own research and start Prepping if you haven't already done so. 😎🚬
Evon Davis
I appreciate you laying this out so clearly. For whatever reason, most people refuse to look at what's coming. I don't understand why. I haven't seen your other videos yet, but I will. I'm assuming your FTL has to do with physically moving humans to another planet, but I'm a promoter of what you might call FTL consciousness. If humans can't expand their consciousness.... well, I suspect what we'll see is a massive collapse and die-off. I can only hope that the breakdown will lead to a breakthrough in human consciousness. Again, thank you for this video.
FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.
agenda 21 means the end to car ownership.
Full Armor
They can't even go to the moon, because it's a light and not something we can land or stand on so forth and so on. Agenda 21 is now agenda 2030 sustainability is a very bad word. Great video other than the fake space nonsense. Thanks for sharing and God bless you brother.
Gee EM
Overpopulation and Global Warming fall into the class of fiction. Alternate energies, such as the ability to produce abundant hydrogen, have been suppressed time and time again. The only thing that the elites want for us is control and to use us like cattle. How does David Rockefeller get 7 heart transplants and it takes a common person a lengthy wait to find a compatible donor. We will be used for organ harvesting plain and simple. The elites have had this mental plan since the day that John D. Rockefeller announced it.
George Jackson
Nice cat (lol). Good job in presenting this material in a very simple and basic way for people to understand.
Guided Meditation
We need a 100% purge of the United Nations out of the USA! Evacuate all the people safely and then have the US military roll in and blow up the United Nations building. Let them plot their world domination overseas somewhere else.
Harry Wheeler
In order to sell this agenda 21 idea you have to sell a poverty or deprivation or declining resources to everybody. The truth is that more food is grown, more everything is produced than is needed. Free energy is not a myth. The actual problem is that they are finding it harder and harder to manage us and to sell their ignorant, poverty mentality, propaganda.
Ian Barron
no mention of thorium molten salt reactors - wind & solar - hydroponics - indoor growing ?
Ishmahin Bøhn
Satanic plan for a huge satanic blood sacrify... We ALL fit in Texas.. or in a quarter of Australia With a vegetable garden.
Ivrish con-Abarth
I´d love the idea of going to space, personally. I´ve always been interested in space, planets especially. We can´t move 1% of Earth population to space (alive...) within my lifetime, how long it ever might be. For the PURGE, we could start from the UN Agenda 21 -planning personnel. Anyway, if we want to keep Earth habitable to more than cockroaches and scorpions, we can´t have the population growth as it is. Never mind other things. Then for the record: I absolutely hate all kind of NWO, globalist etc. ideologies.
James Reese
thats not right
Jeff George
The cat cracks me up.. My cat DaBeast does the same. Wherever I am working, desk, bed, or chair, he wants to lay where im writing or working.. That shit is done on purpose..
Jeff Pansini
The Central Bankers depend on our birth certificates to run their debt money system. They needed us to make them all rich and now they want to kill us all off because we are all useless eaters to them. I don't see anything in the Georgia guidestones that say only the wealthy elites should be sparred from de-population. They don't do anything but manipulate our currency while the rest of us work for a living. They're the useless eaters.
Jeffery Boring
The belief of 650 million is bad flawed because u base your calculations on 1900ad populations. Their has Been a lot of diseases plagues etc. I believe that pre Columbia the population of the americas were the same as today! You do not have a proper basis of estimate for the efficiency of man to self sustain. I believe at some point man sustained himself with a much smaller footprint in harmony. Homesteaders don’t need vast swaths of land and their very inefficient. Self sufficient means u don’t need that prius. Man past light speed to another planet will Never happen. This world is a creation and wasn’t designed for u to swap planets use and abuse. The universe is sterile. Sterile
Jesse Clay
*Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days Last Days*
Jim Viau
16:00 - Georgia guidestones? Hah! Ask the pope, ask the Vatican, they know. The Georgia Guidestones are from the globalises, the illuminati, the 1% who want to grab the earth for themselves and the rest of us as slaves. 500 millions of us as slaves. They figure it's going to be enough slaves to provide them for the luxury they think they deserves. Hunger games the film, look it up people , that's what's ahead. 5 districts worldwide. 500 millions of us packed like sardines in dense cities. Slaves will need a special permission to visit natural areas. Children's are going to be the government property. Kids will attend programming camps called schools. Just lookup Ageda 21 and Agenda 2030. It's all there, written, documented. Lookup the UN website, do some deep searching, it's all there.
Jose Silveira
The two major lies at the base of the Zionist Globalist agendas:\n1. Climate change - Climate is always changing but it's not man that's causing it - it's the Sun! And the average temperature of the Earth has been dropping (they just doctored the numbers)\n2. Oil is not renewable - This is false! There is evidence that explored oil reservoirs are replenishing naturally - Oil is not decomposing biomass. It's an ongoing natural process!\nThe only reason these lies are being pushed is because the Zionists want to control the world and this is the boogeyman they chose to scare people into compliance. And they succeed in this because most western politicians are long bought and paid for by them. They own the central banks, they own the media, they own most oil companies, they infiltrated the academia and have puppets there indoctrinating the children into dumb creatures, easy to manipulate through emotion - no more male rational thinking - just raw feminine emotion.\nThe goal of major corporations is to become sanctioned monopolies. This makes them preferred partners to the Zionists, and all this power joined together, is more than citizens can fight back.
Josie Fox
17.00 mins On dear! I am a British woman aged 50 and have never had any children. Why ? Because I realised that many females don't make good mothers and that I would be one. \nSo nobody told me not to procreate but I am highly educated and it seems that the better educated you are, the less children you are likely to have in a developed country where you have access to contraception. \nOn the other hand, if you live in a religiously aggravated, socially retarded, backward looking country like the US, where women are denied access to basic health care or contraception and where working class people exist in appalling poverty , then making that a decision is rather more difficult
Kate Gem
??? The Georgia Guidestones says a number 500 mill. Is their target???
Lara O'neal
Grindall61 site that’s all he does is Agenda 21 going to city council meetings all over California. It is not good.
Larry Bryant
The short sighted and inept international bankers have already enacted policies to reduce global population. This is same group that cancelled Tesla’s program for unlimited electrical energy ( JP Morgan) and the same group that is responsible for murdering the inventor ( Stan Meyer) to prevent his water powered car ( zero emissions) from being implemented. This proven technology was awarded patents all over the world. \nImagine what we could do with unlimited electric power and unlimited fuel ( zero emissions) today. \nThe fact that these criminal banksters ( Rockefeller) are perusing a policy of extermination right now, demonstrates that they are frauds. If they were really concerned about “sustainability” they would allow these technologies. They are actually the real problem that underpins all of this propaganda about the need for saving the planet and reducing CO2. \nWhen all of you wake up and realize that your food, water, and air are being poisoned by these people, with the goal of dramatic population reduction, then you might be able to take meaningful steps to stop all of this.\nAs so many others have already pointed out, the premise put forward in this video is false. We have plenty of energy and plenty of water that will support considerably more people.\nThe evidence lies in knowing that even today in our supposed “overpopulated status” these are vast areas of habitable land all across the US, China, Russia, the South American and African continents. \nThese inept professional politicians and international bankers are actively committing gross crimes against humanity by enacting theses programs outside of the law or knowledge of the people. I hope we can bring them all to justice one day.
Laura Godin
The housing will be stuffed into stack and pack buildings in big cities, where crimes are rampant and you'll be forced into it to deal with your own safety. 5G will have you with no privacy and receiving tons of radiation... fight back everyone
Lily Lane
But why should i care? what do you intend to do about it? Their reasons are lies. They hoard and manipulate , and propagandize lies about it all to accomplish their evil goals of world dictatorship dominion and to destroy any good thing on GOD'S earth, especially the human beings. it has nothing to do with the resources. its about whatever it takes to beat God and the ones who know God. Jesus Christ. Obliterate all Good. Spiritual WAR.
Lyudmila Kaminskaia
meow is the best part of the video! By the way , we do not have 20 billion on the planet - at most 10 billion. Numbers were cooked to create an illusion of \
Manos Mul
Premises are false, follows so is the logic and rhetoric. Oil is not a fossil, over population is a myth.
Mark Bouquet
There’s no such thing as a “fossil fuel.” That’s a term made up by Rockefeller to make it seem as if it was finite. Then he could make it cost more. He did this at a time when cars were becoming the main form of transportation. I was told in H. S. that it would gone by the year 2000. I was indoctrinated with this BS in the 70’s! We have more energy than we can ever burn. We All this food is nutrient depleted as a result of this lie from the pit of hell, literally. Wake up! You’re all a sleep if you believe we found oil for the House of Saud King Saud’s request to drill for water to refresh his horses and warriors. He asked Standard Oil of California, who at the time was the greatest driller in the world. But Rockefeller wasn’t looking for water. He knew what the Germans knew. (This is why Rommel, “the Desert Fox,”) was trying to take over Africa. He drilled 7 wells and came back after a lot of frustration to well #7 and at about 2780 ft or so, they hit what at the time was the largest oil strike ever. It took a entire year for the king to come out in a 400 car caravan to watch the first load of oil loaded onto a tanker headed for North America. Never again would the King have to rely on pilgrimages to “Mecca” which every Muslim is supposed to do once I. Their lifetime. Ironically, they are supposed to give to a dead false prophet which ends up going to the King. We never ran out oil, coal, and never is natural gas even discussed seriously. America has more energy than any country on the planet. Global warming, wait, climate change, whatever it’s called this week is a scam to charge the wealthier people for carbon credits which will make them poor and then the countries that relied on the stolen money will return to the shit holes that they were before we ever had our money stolen just like we got wealthy stealing from and wiping out the true Americans, the Native American Indians who were slaughtered when we broke treaty after treaty! We came here to allegedly prove the earth was round. It is round. But it’s not a sphere. And we said we would share the gospel with “Savages.” BS is more like it. This money will be given to the less developed nations, but mainly the mainly the Free Masons. You need to believe a lot of BS to believe most of what we’ve been taught. All the climate garbage and use of oil, gas or coal being bad is asinine. It’s about all who will profit off of someone else’s hard work. It’s communism wrapped up under the guise of helping out those less fortunate or good old fashioned theft! \nDon’t be a mind slave any more to the. \nWe were warned in the only true still existing parts of the Bible that Satan is roaming this earth to and fro seeking whom he may devour. We have real POWER OVER SATAN IF WE ARE LIVING OUR LIVES HAVING BEEN BORN OF THE SPIRIT AND WASHED BY THE BLOOD OF LAMB. He’s a MAGGOT AND A TOOTHLESS AND FANGLESS WONDER TO A CHRISTIAN WHO IS SPIRIT FILLED. I am just that. He who lives inside of me is GREATER THAN HE WHO LIVES IN THE WORLD! \nLove people but America has been set up since the beginning to be a place to plunder by the likes of the Rothschilds. \nThis rabbit hole goes so deep that most wont go down it because it’s easer to keep your head in the sand than accept changes in a indoctrinated belief system from Hell, literally started at the fall of man. \nThere’s just too much for too many to accept. So as the scriptures said. “Wide is the gate and many will enter that lead to death. Narrow is the gate that leads to life and few shall find it.” \n\nStart reading His Word. Not listening to a TV preacher who wants the last $5 dollars so you will get a “harvest.” Then when you don’t they say your Faith was weak! No; Gods not a Genie and He gives according to His goodwill and purpose. Not our selfish whims. \nJohn 3:16, Ephesians 2: 8, 9 & 10.
Michael Carey
Agenda 21 calls for each individual to have 121 sq ft of living space. Further, it calls for living in high rise cities along rail lines. This presentation has emphasized no oil. So, the planners have seemed to overlook their need for steel and for fuel. And most interestingly, the drop in food production will be incredible and no one will be self-sufficient. Luxuries will be non-existent without mining and manufacturing. Seems like any virus could wipe out this New World Order. Population density carries certain potential hazards. From where I sit, these guys do not have a prayer of survival even achieving a \
wheres the napkin ?
Nvrmnd M3
I was about to comment on the evils of the UN & the elite but started reading the comments & got me rethinking about their whole “depopulation” plans. We’re so screwed.... however, I hope they save some smart ones! Oh wait, the dumb ones are easier to control so that’s good news for some commentators!😏\nOn a serious note though, I am amazed that in this date & time there’s still people who blindly believe in the “goodness” of the UN. Guess they’ll wake up when our time is due, bc for this to be stopped, we would have to be UNITED in our efforts, and we all know, as the comment section shows, that’s an impossibility; we’ll always be divided “by color”. Guess WHAT? IF 9/10 ARE GONNA DIE, THEY’LL BE COLORBLIND WHILE RESETTING THE POPULATION COUNTER.... UNLESS YOU’RE ONE OF THEM OR HAVE MONEY THAT IS!
Peter Birdsall
R.M. M
We r already in the middle of the purge and have been for a long time. The unsustainable conspiracy is based on studies so bias it can’t even be considered a study. It is ridiculous to think that we r the problem when WE r the ones who have produced new and cleaner forms of that run on water..yes that was invented and produced many times only to be taken from us and hidden away just like Tesla’s work was kept from us and used for the wrong reasons. No one can tell me that my neighbor and I must die so that the schmuck down the street who happens to have more money then we do can live with his luxuries. Leave food genetics alone, make healthcare sit that and quit with the symptom care, there r cures for everything that r kept from us. Give me solid unbiased research that shows that this is wrong and not even close to being a possibility before trying to argue. Get rid of the unearned wealth of the 1% and let everyone have a fair chance in life to succeed. I’ve met so many brilliant people in my 40 years here that had no college and barely high school in some of the cases yet they taught themselves what they were passionate about. Why r they still just the average Joe? Because they were robbed of their chance to excel based on predetermined characteristics whether it was name, family income, who they knew or didn’t know, or that they were good people who are never allowed to succeed. Look at Tesla as the perfect example. He was a gift and yet the 1% exploited and killed him making his life’s work into the opposite of what he intended. Sustainable development is a theory based on statistics that we don’t know for sure is even true. How do u know how many people are on this planet? For all u know the numbers are based on what a group of people want us to think so that they can lighten the load of sheep to manipulate and play their sick game of chess with. There r blah blah number of people and u should be ashamed of it! Guilt me over something I can not even trust to verify based on politically calculated studies. Control is the aim here and until anyone can actually prove their statistics...we sontvtruely know. From the time of the baby boomers to now, most people my age only had one or two kids if that. Mainly to replace themselves once they die. These younger generations even less as most have found themselves sterile unable to have children. So they will be replaced by the stereotypical lower income family that have 7 kids by 7 different guys and were meth babies. Is that really a world u want to give to the new generations to come? Not me. The only reason I would ever agree to the lowering of population out of necessity is because of how despicable people have become.
Randall Lannon
I want all UN officials, and all elites to be the first ones depopulated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert V
Isn't china the most populated in the world
Saharra Quasar
The biggest help for our planet, they could do is begin sterilizing humans after 2 child births per women. This practice should especially be performed first on third world cultures whom over breed, from Catholic, Muslim, and other religious beliefs that encourage continuous breeding and large fami!es. Next peop!e should be eating plant based diets. The !livestock are so .net for what all the greedy humans consume that they require too much water, grains, electricity, crops and are releasing gasses. All the grains, crops used for livestock will feed the world's starving if we started now.
Sea_ Nettles
well, what's interesting is that their stated \
Shadow Man
*global warming is a big excuse!*
Spotlight New Media
Sustainable development=more for the few and less for the many. Total control and enslavement of humanity through technology, eugenics, politics, social engineering, education, media, natural resources and economics. UN Agenda 21= New World Order= Beast System.
Steve Sauls
If you want to focus on something, focus on the bees. Don't laugh. I'm dead serious. The worlds bees are dying. Overuse of pesticides. (Thanks Monsanto) No bees, no pollination of food crops. Mass starvation is in our future. There's your purge, right there.
Thomas Leonard
Your work is great and you are living in a time where agenda 21 has been available to read for more than 2 decades and not many think that it is real or like some say, they wouldn't do that.\nYep they would.\nLook at the bushes and how they controlled the people for so many years and he never said anything about Obama and his presidency. \nBut look how the left is trying to bitchslap the president now.\nHe is fkin up their agenda 21.
Thomas Scott
Nicely Researched, and Excellently Presented! Yes, \
Too Bad Slim
Overpopulation is a myth. Just take a look around. There is so much open space and it only takes 3 square feet of decent soil to grow enough food to sustain a small family, and if that fails you've got deer and small game all over the place (and most of those ARE overpopulated, esp. hogs and deer) Don't buy into the lie that there are too many humans. What they really mean is there are too many humans for the presumed authority to easily control. I've even heard theories that the figure of 7 billion is grossly over-inflated. That may or may not be so, but there is apparently room for plenty more, esp. if people will value and exercise their independence.
The earth can sustain over 20 billion if organised better.The earth has a lot of unused surface, including above and below it. Energy can be done easy in the desserts for solar, mountains for turbines, water for waves. Some foods do not need sun but underground like mushrooms, fermented foods which does not need refrigeration, People current diet is bad which cuases the health issues and mass waste. Clean water from distillation from the sun, etc. But yes in the current path disorganized path not even 1/2 million is enough. which is like trying to store a library on the floor while the books are open which you would run out of room. LOL People need to be educated, even the ones that have more money are even less educated. Since the point of money was to be educated, but now education it to get money, and in that scenario people do not try to learn and let things get worse.
Triton Bradford
It's called Satan want's most of the population dead! God is against those who teach his children to fly away to save their souls! Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life! None go to the father, but by him! You people speak boastful words, and give yourselves fancy titles! Best be right with Jesus......
Wayne Bauer
I love the cat trying to hide the truth..
We The People
Look at the big picture, each habitable planet in the Universe has a natural life expectancy with or without humans. It will be dependent on weather very large Asteroid hits or misses the Earth, and how long before the Sun burns out. By the time Earth starts running out of resources, ingenuity of humans would have found a way to travel and inhabit and colonize other planets. Remember the Dinosaurs were wiped out by a giant asteroid and life had to start again. Each planet is blessed with an abundance of natural resources that humans have learnt to extract for their benefit. Things like our failures like War may exterminate the population first, either by plan or by stupidity. I for one am not going to spend my life worrying about it, I have enjoyed living in low density area of Canada, I have expended 75% of my life span, so worrying about the next Asteroid or War is not at all worrying to me. Life is a gamble, so an expanding population like expanding Universe will reach its own limits. Everything dies so don’t worry about it.
Wilcox Wilcox
I am 100% sure that the world is not overpopulated. The world is being destroyed by GREED.
I did the math 20 years ago and it was frightening. More so because I realized I couldn't be the only one thinking about this and no one else was saying anything about it, particularly world leaders. Pay attention and watch for calculated genocide through lack of response to \
bob robertson
did you know the entire world's population can easily fit into the state of Texas and with current technology with building upward and food production it proves at the current time there is no over population problem and science has proven, that when there is a population problem nature will cause human production (birth rate) to automatically go down to a sustainable limit. The problem is open boarders, when a society should go down in birth rate they let them move into places whereas the birth rate is going down hence artificially causing that birth rate in that society to go up, these people crying about over population like Bill Gates are the cause of the problem yelling out for open boarders and working to bring the people with high birth rates in 3rd world countries to move to places like the US where the birth rate is going down, hence increasing the overall problem and saying we need to do something about guess based on the evidence Bill Gates and company are not in care of overpopulation but rather an attempt to steal your wealth,, he and his friends started out stealing people's wealth and I do not think they had ever changed by becoming rich.
bruce pate
All of this is designed for one purpose.\nTo usher in the Luciferian NWO. They fear one thing and one thing only: the western white man.\nForced migration\nMovies and T.V. showing the wimpy white man next to the God like black man.Constantly portraying white men as bigoted rascist.\nThere is a secret war on western white men, and no one is even aware of it.\nI despise these Luciferians almost as much as the brain dead idiots who are lining up for their own executions.\nMichael is your only hope. Goodbye.
Just a stupid question: how do we know what the exact numbers are for the Earth's population? The numbers might be quite different. In most countries populations are getting smaller: reduced birth rates, diseases, massive birth control, wars, disasters due to geoengineered weather, famine and homelessness.
geo land
Purge the UN First!.
j diiacova
Thank you sir
every person on the flat plane can fit inside texas! its all a lie
mgtow warrior
Go mgtow and stop reproducing. Then, they won't have to fill all of you with chemtrails aka nanoparticles of metals and microwave ya with 5g. 5g runs on same frequency as anti crowd dispersal weaponry. Film people with aluminum and barium, microwave them. \n\nGame over. please insert 50 cents to continue.
one truth
Your cat is obviously an elite plant. And intends to take over the world..
You should do Powerpoint presentations, no more printer problems, no more cats getting in the way! :)
rob marx
We won’t be around that long to worry about this! 5G will end ALL problems of population growth! And the ones that make it through that the spraying of our once beautiful skies will get the rest ! We’re done!
ron stewart
the honest seer
😃👍🐈💜 im studying ecology, countryside management etc..good info vid and well demonstrated.
To many commenters seem to focus on housing or energy.  These are not the problem.   The problem is the amount of land required to feed the existing population.  if Oil and coal are no longer available (the premise of UN SD), then the 10x yield in food production from fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives goes away.   Thus, a good portion of the land for growing crops to feed people must be repurposed to grow crops for synthetics and biodiesel which further reduces the supportable population.   It is staggering the amount of land just required to feed the existing population --- see