My AMG GT R is Towed Out by the G63 6x6 Again! | VLOG

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I'm just having too much fun with the AMG GT R but yes, it's stuck again... and again! With endless snow falling, although winter tyres allow you to get moving, if it gets too deep then they are useless when the car is beached. Fortunately though, @Gregb.23 is there to save the day and rescue me in style with Green Panzer, the G63 AMG 6x6. Except, who needs the 6x6 by when you also have a Panda 4x4 too!I know it's a bit silly to keep getting stuck but we're having an awesome time misbehaving in the snow and just experimenting. At the end of the day it's only snow, the 6x6 is around to help bail out anything that gets stuck and it's all for amusement. If you want to see a GT R being treated like a garage queen, this is definitely not the channel for you!Thanks to all the guys for a hilarious time!

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Abhishek Gupta
#amgshquad my Favorite video
Afdal Asadullah
Amandeep Singh
Y don't u ever buy a SUV?
Andrea Taccani
#shquad You're definitely enjoying your time in Cortina Tim!! Great videos these days, congrats!
Andrei Alex
3:18 he spit
Android Mods
Next video: Getting run over by shquad! xD
Anton A
Такое впечатление что глухонемой пытается говорить,парень я тебя прошу не говори не чего просто жестами говори и мы моймем
Aran Raja
Automotive Mike
They should build a AWD AMG GT R!
Bartosz Proelio
Love how you talk all the time about how much traction you have in the beginning and then get stuck haha!
Ben Sibold
Havent seen the video yet... already liked it!
Could you install a small go-pro in front of the car and then a screen with you talking like Thesmoking tier,,, would be so nice to follow the road also
if you are going to say german words at least pronounce them correctly
Bonginkosi Omphile
Please make a review of the 6X6
All EU cars suck at those conditions and offroad, overpriced junk.
Chad W
Love the AMG Shmee TR, thanks for the content bro
Chris Lee - UK
#shquad :D\nYou're having way too much fun Tim, also added the Panda 4x4 to the shopping list haha
England is Shmee’s city.
CurtisP Jordan
Dennis Cat
I don't want your cars Tim, just your enthusiasm and happiness . . . and your liver
DoGs Danglers
Possibly the most irritating voice ive ever heard
Doktor Tron
Why you didnt bring focus RS too, that would be so much fun. Maybe more than GT-R
Domonkos Kiss
Are you planning to do a skiing video?
Donkey Teeth
the maserati levante... a poor way to spend 80 grand
Emily W
Your video makes me want to go skiing again!
Extreme Racer
Does the seat comes with harnesses or it’s optional?
Fiat Panda 4x4 is the answer to every problem!☺️🤪
Is panda💪🏻 not amg gte😒
Gabriël Citgez
hi guys im shmeegol
Giap nguyen minh
I love you Shmee!\nThanks for making videos for me to watch! :)
Guts Berserk
Shmee camera work not good! For past few videos your co passenger is moving the camera a lot and not showing the road ahead most of the time. :(
Love your videos \nThe 6 × 6 is the ultimate snowmobile \nMake a video on it
Come to Sarajevo!!!
Hmood Ss
الله يرزقنا بس 💔
Awful lots of snow ? its barely 5 cm, when it snows over 30 cm i an nigth, then we're talking ;)
Iker del Palacio
Would have been so much more interesting to see you drive the Levante...
Juha Makinen
Jesus Christ! That was painful to watch. Did this guy see snow first time in his life when making this foolish video?? \nPay a visit in Finland/Sweden. Any guy there can demonstrate how to drive fast in snow conditions. Driving in this video was pathetic, totally. Better swap that nice GT R to Panda, too much horsepower otherwise completely wasted.
Jørgen Hald
Looks like great fun for little big boys. Cool touch with the drone.
Koen Konijnenberg
Loved the bit with the panda. Awesome video shmee!
Levi Brand
Lonely Benzer
Its Shmee in the Schnee lol
Luc Reintjes
Hi Tim, did you know you can push the wiper lever for a single wipe? Love your videos. Keep them coming! Including the short ones on Sundays ;)
Lucjan Kurek
man u look so average, it is actually really interesting, people tend to drive super cars not beeing super indeed. Man u are enjoying everything but yourself. YouTube is well paid job isn't IT? Call me jealous and i won't stop spamming it under each of your life video's. Regardly to what will happen to ya in the upcomming Movie. Why dont you post a video about you laughing at chair sitting in your gtr. Maybe then You will be able to feed that Black Prince of Roads. I have been only searching for \
You had to have summer tires.....
Michael Burns
The Levanté is so good looking
Michelle Fury
Just found your channel, subbed!! I'm giggling thru the entire video because of how much fun you're having!! Lovin' it!! And agreed, watch the deer, my son and I just totalled my impala hitting a 9point buck, drive safe, keep having fun!!
Miguel Angel Blanco Diaz
No entendía lo q decía por q no se inglés, pero creo q ste tío una de dos,o ta sobrado de dinero o es gilipollas sin remedio por q mira q meter un Mercedes de ese tipo en un lugar así como digo,tiene q ser un gilipollas de campeonato.Justo donde en el lugar completamente opuesto para donde sta pensado ese coche...gilipollas hay por todos sitios de es como yo lo e pensado si saber de q va ste tío y video
Milosh Zelembaba
These past couple of videos have been my favourite, love the GT R in the snow
Mohamed Hassan
cool :)
the 6x6 is so cool. great video Shmee 😃
Mubasshir Hasan
who wants a merc 6×6 when you have panda for rescue
Just buy panda already
Pavan Sidhu
only on shmee150 do u see a 6x6 pull out an amg gtr from snow
More money than sence
Hey Tim, \nFirstly, I want to congratulate you on your videos. They are alot of fun to watch.\nYour enthusiasm is infectious!\nSecondly, I'll be getting married next month and partly because of you, I wanted a AMG GT variant car for the wedding so me\nand my bride can make an entrance :-) (and probably more important so I can drive one).\nI'm getting a rental AMG GTS Edition one for that day. So stocked about that!\nThirdly, maybe next winter you should visit us in Switzerland for a bit of snow-fun, skiing, fondue etc. I'd even invite you for fondue :P\nEnjoy
Rabab Safadi
#shquad were are you
Rahul 360
Wow... nice one Shmee 😄\n#Squad
Richard Powell
So amazing!!!
Rick Verhouden
Nice that you're using your car good😂
Riko Widjaja
You use your cars as much as Greg uses his. Won’t you agree
Rod Wood
Great vlog, reminded me of my younger days way back in the early 80's. All we had were rwd cars with no traction control, and we couldn't wait for that first good snowfall of winter. We had huge grins just like you did. :)
Hello squad
that's the panda's power for you Tim! :D
Salman Ahmad
For your next stunt, you should go up a tree & some guys get their chainsaws down below. I know it has nothing to do with cars, but I figured why not.
It might not be sensible to constantly get stuck but this car is no garage queen and we're having an epic time in the snow!
This fu.kin Panda was spinning all 4 wheels at the same time like a muthaf.kaaar. I've driven SUVs, and real 4x4s like a Grand Vitara or a Truck, and they do not spin all 4 wheels, actually often spin the one with less traction on the front, and the wheel with less tracktion on the rear, because many 4x4 SUVs and trucks do not have locking diffs. This Panda was spinning all 4 wheels, and I doubt it has a locking diff, but sometimes a well balanced AWD transmission, and good weight distribution results in all wheel spinning at the same time, and no torque steer. I have always had a respect for the Panda, very small, very good for the European narrow cities we have, and at the same time the boxy shape takes so much stuff in the trunk, especially with the back seats down. The Panda is a multi purpose mini animal of a car.
I guess an AWD Audi R8 V10 would be amazing fun there.
Stuttgart_Supercars 17/18
What other exklusiv options do you take?
Sule Bello
yes lovely fine good looking cars
TTV Videos
Will you do pov car reviews?
Taimoor Ashraf
Toby Williams
Shmee was the le mans blu paint on your FF a triple layer or standard metallic?
Tony Stark
I wish if I could buy cars like you do
Vincent Fortunato
Being Italian, I’m so pleased the Panda was able to pull your AMG GTR out from where it was stuck lol
Alright for some.
Wade Harrison
Kudos for driving that in winter, but awd would've been more sensible
Here After 51 views
Winnipeg Car Life
I, for one, am thrilled that you actually use the AMG GTR in all weather. So many people only use cars like that in 'perfect' weather
Zuni Dawar
your so good man
You need a Merc 6x6 in your collection Tim
10:16 \
julius aipassa
That panda tho
I've literally never heard someone say \
It always a pleasure to see how spoiled people can genuinely be amazed by everyday stuff, like a panda 4x4 pulling sth out of the snow. Not only 4by4 squared and landrover by kahn can climb stuff
naunau 83
Love to see a supercar being properly used !!!
omar rashid
great video shmee.
paolo lipparoni
Sembra un bimbo di 10,12, anni ,!!! come mai .cosi ,!!
qaqa qubaё
I always tell you guys a Mercedes is nothing without a Fiat :D
Panda for the win!!!
tine djuric
Seeing the AMG GT R there are only two options how to react:\n\nA collector would say: OH NOOOOOOOO\n\nA petrolhead would say: HELL YEAAAAH \n\n:D
The best thing about your idiotic decision to bring an AMG GT R in this kind of weather is that we get to see the G-Wagen all the time. LOL
Panda got away with the fame today, sorry GTR.